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Two for Tuesday: Kefir or Yogurt?

If you read my blog, you know I love my yogurt, and strawberry happens to be my favorite flavor.  I have had a kefir drink in the past, but I’m not one to consume yogurt drinks.  I prefer thicker yogurt to eat.  So when I saw eat-able kefir, I wanted to try it.  So what’s better, kefir or yogurt?  From my reading on the web, they both have advantages, but kefir seems to be better for your digestive tract.  As far as taste goes, they are both very good.


Evolve Greek kefir is creamy with a nice clean flavor and lots of protein.  I thought the strawberry was good too.


Sophie Greek yogurt has no sugar added and lots of protein.  This is nonfat and really creamy and smooth with a subtle strawberry flavor.

Two for Tuesday: Strawberry Yogurt

This week’s Two for Tuesday is actually Three for Tuesday.  Three varieties of strawberry yogurt.

So Delicious yogurts are dairy free.  They make them with almond or coconut milks.  I got the strawberry Greek cultured almond milk yogurt.  Boy, am I glad I can eat dairy.  I didn’t like this at all and didn’t even finish it.  It had a very starchy taste and a gelatinous texture with a fake strawberry flavor.


Smari organic Icelandic strawberry yogurt is very creamy with a hint of strawberry.  It’s so creamy and flavorful, it’s hard to believe it is fat free.  Smari uses the milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows in Wisconsin to make its yogurt, and the milk from these breeds is creamier.  Smari also claims to have more protein per serving than any other yogurt in the United States.


Wallaby Organic Greek lowfat strawberry yogurt has a creamy pure yogurt taste.  The strawberry has a bit of an artificial taste to it.  I really like the yogurt and prefer it plain.


Blue Hill Yogurt

Blue Hill recently started selling vegetable yogurts in four flavors:  carrot, tomato, beet and butternut squash.


They are available at various locations in the city.  I got mine at Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center.  They had only carrot, tomato and beet.


The carrot and tomato are subtle;


the beet reminds me of cold borscht.


I love them.  My favorite is the tomato, followed by carrot, but they are all good.  I want to try the butternut squash too.

Under your lid, you can see the name of the happy cow whose milk made your yogurt!  Luna’s milk made my carrot yogurt.  And all the milk in my yogurts came from different cows.


For those of you who don’t know Blue Hill, it began as a restaurant in the Village that served food grown/farmed at Blue Hill Farm in Massachusetts and Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture up the Hudson.  I have never been, but I want to go.

Tune in tomorrow for the winners of the Muller yogurt coupon giveaway!

Sweets Week: Day 3: Yogorino

Today is Hunting for the Very Best’s 4th anniversary.  Yes, I started this blog back on July 3, 2009.

July is National Ice Cream Month, so I’m doing a Sweets Week with a focus on frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt.

The staff at Yogorino say a lot of people come just to take a picture of their mural, that famous one of men eating lunch on a steel beam high in the air of the NYC skyline.  Only in this photo, the men are eating something else.

Yogorino mural

You guessed it, frozen yogurt.  Yogorino is a bit different from other frozen yogurt places.  The Italian company’s philosophy is one of health, in the form of probiotics and their benefits.  I can get on board with that.  It’s also not self serve, and there is only one flavor of yogurt.  But at Yogorino, that’s all you need.


Verdict:  This yogurt has a unique flavor, a creamy tart flavor unlike any other in the city.  And of course, there are toppings, such as fresh berries, which I have gotten before.  However, the yogurt itself is so good here that I eat it plain.

The Best of 2012

As 2012 ends, it’s a time to reflect on all the delicious meals and treats I had this year.  It was a year of firsts for me:  my first empanadas, my first ramen, my first soup dumplings.  I tried bottarga (an Italian delicacy–dried caviar from tuna or gray mullet eggs).

Here are lists of my favorites for the year.

Dina’s top 5 brunches of 2012:

1.  Barbounia‘s shakshouka

Moroccan eggs

2.  West End Grill‘s omelets with sweet potato chipotle short rib hash

sweet potato chipotle short rib hash

sweet potato chipotle short rib hash

3.  Robert‘s ricotta pancakes

ricotta pancakes

4.  Popover Cafe‘s Carolina Dinah with cheddar cheese grits

carolina dinah

5.  Market Diner‘s breakfast

Dina’s top 6 frozen treats of 2012:

1.  Grom‘s candied chestnut gelato

Grom's chestnut

Grom’s chestnut

2.  Itizy‘s vanilla ice cream


3.  Yogorino‘s plain frozen yogurt



4.  Yo Art‘s Greek lemon frozen yogurt

Greek lemon

5.  Sundaes and Cones‘s Thai tea and corn ice creams

ginger, corn and Thai tea ice cream

ginger, corn and Thai tea ice cream

6.  Mo’s cherry and mascarpone gelato

mascarpone and cherry gelato

mascarpone and cherry gelato

Dina’s top 6 desserts of 2012:

1.  Smyrna‘s rice pudding

Smyrna rice pudding

2.  Epicerie Boulud‘s brandied cherry beignets

brandied cherry beignets

brandied cherry beignets

3.  Benoit‘s tarte tropezienne

vanilla cream cake

vanilla cream cake

4.  La Silhouette‘s honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd

honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd

honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd

5. Pie Face‘s lamington



6.  Minamoto Kitchoan‘s fukuwatashi

Kitchoan goodies

Kitchoan goodies

Dina’s top 14 dishes of 2012:

1.  Braai‘s chicken bobotie

chicken bobotie

chicken bobotie

2.  Braai‘s portobello mushroom with goat cheese

portobello mushroom with goat cheese

portobello mushroom with goat cheese

3.  Caffe Falai‘s gnudi



4.  Lillie‘s lobster mac and cheese

lobster mac and cheese

5.  Xai Xai‘s eggplant rolled and stuffed with goat cheese


6.  The Palm‘s crab cake appetizer


7.  David Burke Kitchen‘s crab and tomato gazpacho


8.  Porter House‘s organic Scottish salmon

Scottish salmon

Scottish salmon

9.  Almayass‘s shrimp provencal


10.  Totto Ramen‘s char siu bun

char siu bun

char siu bun

11.  Swizz‘s raclette


12.  Joe’s Shanghai‘s soup dumplings

Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings

Joe’s Shanghai soup dumplings

13.  Empanada Mama‘s corn flour cheese empanadas


14.  Num Pang‘s pulled duroc pork sandwich

duroc pork

Two for Tuesday: Frozen Yogurt

Here I go again with my frozen treats!  OK, I have found THE frozen yogurt in NYC.  One word, one silly word:  Yogorino.  There’s only one flavor at Yogorino.  Wait, don’t be disappointed.  They only need one flavor because IT’S THAT GOOD.  This yogurt is creamy and delicious with a lovely fresh flavor.  It’s served swirled in a blue-tinted plastic cup that’s cute enough to take home.  I did get fruit toppings, but I’d prefer eating this yogurt plain.


I know I’ve already written about YoArt, but I recently went back and got some more delicious flavors and toppings: Greek honey and Cinnamon roll, topped with figs in syrup and toasted coconut.  The toppings here are varied at this self-serve yogurt shop.  It’s a bit on the pricey side though, but it’s worth it now and again for a splurge.


Two for Tuesday: Yogurt

Muller yogurt is from Europe but has joined with Quaker (Quaker oats) to bring Muller yogurt to the U.S.   I tried Muller FrutUp, which is creamy yogurt topped with a fruit mousse.  This take on yogurt is a refreshing change from the Greek yogurt craze.  I like the whipped fruit on top.  Both strawberry and raspberry are very good.

Alpina yogurt pairs creamy yogurt with a blend of granola.  I tried Revive Tropical which is mango yogurt with a coconuty tropical blend.  This mix was very good and the flavor combo blended well together.

I also tried Revive Chai Spices, which is honey yogurt with a chai granola.  I wasn’t crazy about the chai granola; the flavor didn’t seem to blend well with the honey yogurt.