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Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone is able to enjoy Valentine’s Day even if plans got a little messed up with the weather.  I feel sorry for florists and chocolate shops because they may have lost a lot of business.  Luckily, my flower delivery went through and so did my chocolates!  I’m a happy girl!  I got double chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  First, I got a box from Anna Shea Chocolates in Illinois.  I always wanted a box of artistically decorated chocolates.  These are so lovely with bright colors and glitter.  Some of my favorites from this collection included the candied bacon caramel (smooth with nice smoke–who knew I’d like bacon and chocolate?), aged balsamic caramel, cinnamon swirl (just like a cinnamon roll), cherry baby, raspberry blush (I love the taste of raspberry puree and chocolate), and vadelma.


I also got chocolates from FIKA, the Swedish coffee shop in NYC I mentioned in my Dina’s Guide to NYC Chocolate Shops.  These truffles were melt-in-your-mouth good.  Many were exceptional like the incredibly good goat cheese, macadamia nut, water sea salt caramel and hazelnut gianduja.



Cherry Fluff


Cherry fluff from Mom on Time Out is a fun, yummy dessert that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It’s pink and full of cherries and marshmallows.  I used sugar-free Cool Whip, 2 1/2 cups of colored marshmallows and 1 1/2 cups of coconut.  This salad is great for a crowd too.


Chocolate Shoe

For Valentine’s Day, my sweetie got me a dark chocolate shoe filled with candy!  Is this not the perfect gift for a lady?  It’s almost too pretty to eat, but I’m sure I’ll be able to.

chocolate shoe

Happy Valentine’s Day

from the boss.  When I arrived at work, I got a heart-shaped Cheryl’s cookie with pink buttercream with a note from the boss thanking us for all our hard work.  That’s really sweet, and little signs of appreciation mean a lot in the workplace!


Happy Valentine’s Day From Woodhouse Chocolate

or from a person who loves me very much and bought me Woodhouse Chocolate!


Woodhouse Chocolate is a family-owned chocolate company from Napa Valley.  Woodhouse chocolates will satisfy the chocolate traditionalist as well as the experimental epicure.  The pecan caramel with candied pecan, brown sugar caramel and milk chocolate is a classic caramel that really showcases the candied pecan and is sure to please any praline lover.  Thai ginger is a pleasant creation that starts with a hint of lemongrass and finishes with a burst of crystallized ginger.  If you’re a fan of raspberry gels like I am, you will like Woodhouse’s take on it with a layer of dark chocolate raspberry ganache and a layer of raspberry pate de fruit.  The two blend harmoniously into raspberry rapture.  The piece de resistance is bananas foster–cream whipped with rum and flambeed bananas and a layer of brown sugar caramel enrobed in white chocolate.  This is creativity at its best.  I have many more chocolates to savor, but I thought I’d give you a taste of the ones I’ve already tried.

Woodhouse Chocolate

In addition, Woodhouse makes beautiful chocolate replicas of wild animals.  Their lion is quite intricate and majestic.  I love the smiling hippo and the dark chocolate buffalo.

Royce’ Chocolate Pop-Up Shop in Bryant Park

For those of you getting last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, Royce’ Chocolate has opened a pop-up shop in Bryant Park.  A new store will be opening next door to that location later in the year, but for now, if you are in the area, you can visit the pop-up shop.  If your sweetheart likes creamy truffles, NAMA chocolates are the way to go!