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Two for Tuesday: Strawberry Yogurt

This week’s Two for Tuesday is actually Three for Tuesday.  Three varieties of strawberry yogurt.

So Delicious yogurts are dairy free.  They make them with almond or coconut milks.  I got the strawberry Greek cultured almond milk yogurt.  Boy, am I glad I can eat dairy.  I didn’t like this at all and didn’t even finish it.  It had a very starchy taste and a gelatinous texture with a fake strawberry flavor.


Smari organic Icelandic strawberry yogurt is very creamy with a hint of strawberry.  It’s so creamy and flavorful, it’s hard to believe it is fat free.  Smari uses the milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows in Wisconsin to make its yogurt, and the milk from these breeds is creamier.  Smari also claims to have more protein per serving than any other yogurt in the United States.


Wallaby Organic Greek lowfat strawberry yogurt has a creamy pure yogurt taste.  The strawberry has a bit of an artificial taste to it.  I really like the yogurt and prefer it plain.


National Ice Cream Day

Today, July 21, is National Ice Cream Day.  I’ve been celebrating National Ice Cream Month and featuring a different ice cream every Monday in July.  Today, I’m featuring je & jo, an organic ice cream shop in Hell’s Kitchen.  The ice cream at je & jo is an artisanal twist on ice cream, a pairing of ice cream and cookie dough in a cup.  The ice creams are organic and there are no eggs in the cookie dough.


I got Local Strawberry Ice Cream with Honey English Thyme Shortbread Cookie Dough.  If you want to try this with local strawberries, you’d better hurry, as it’s the last batch of the season.  Since the ice creams are packed into a cup, they are a little hard at first.  The strawberry flavor in this one is like good old-fashioned strawberry ice cream.  The cookie dough pieces are yummy and not overpowering or overabundant.

My friend got Nutella Ice Cream with Hazelnut Shortbread Cookie Dough, and she liked it very much.


Sweets Week: Day 7: L’Arte del Gelato

Nothing like a stroll on the High Line to end the holiday weekend.  And some delicious gelato!

July is National Ice Cream Month. In honor of my favorite creamy sweet treat, I’m doing a Sweets Week with a focus on frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt.

L’Arte del Gelato is my favorite gelato in the city.  Now, the original shop is named Dolce Gelateria, and the locations in Chelsea Market, the High Line and Lincoln Center Plaza are still named L’Arte del Gelato.  I love many of the flavors here.  On a recent trip to the High Line, I got strawberry gelato and frutti di bosco sorbet.

L'Arte del Gelato

Verdict:  Still my favorite gelato in the city.  Both flavors are delish, but the sorbet was the standout.

Sweets Week: Day 2: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month, so I’m doing a Sweets Week with a focus on frozen treats like ice cream and frozen yogurt.

I love Van Leeuwen ice cream.  My favorite flavor is currants and cream, a flavor that is seasonal and often sold out.  I like many of their flavors (except cinnamon, which I think is a bit overdone with cinnamon).  I usually have to chase down their truck on Bleecker Street or in the Meatpacking District, but now they have a permanent store on East 7th Street, so I can visit at my leisure.  On this trip, I got the basics, strawberry and chocolate.

Van Leeuwen

Verdict:  Do you remember when Breyer’s ice cream was all natural and good?  When I taste Van Leeuwen strawberry, I taste that familiar fresh strawberry ice cream.  Van Leeuwen captures the texture and flavor of pure ice cream.  The chocolate is good too, but the strawberry lives up to being called strawberry ice cream.

Two for Tuesday: White Chocolate and Strawberry

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m thinking of chocolates with red fruits.  How about a truffle from Godiva?  The strawberry créme tarte truffle is a favorite of mine.  Strawberry purée and vanilla mousse in a white chocolate shell–what more could you ask for?  I love letting this linger on my tongue to get to its sweet, creamy center.

Godiva strawberry truffle

Royce’ Chocolate also has a fruity white chocolate bar mixed with powdered strawberries, three fruits, crispy almond puffs and a touch of banana flavor.  These are yummy like a chocolate bar but, with the fruit and crunch, feel like they’re good for you like a breakfast bar.

Royce fruit bar chocolate

Two for Tuesday: Yogurt

Muller yogurt is from Europe but has joined with Quaker (Quaker oats) to bring Muller yogurt to the U.S.   I tried Muller FrutUp, which is creamy yogurt topped with a fruit mousse.  This take on yogurt is a refreshing change from the Greek yogurt craze.  I like the whipped fruit on top.  Both strawberry and raspberry are very good.

Alpina yogurt pairs creamy yogurt with a blend of granola.  I tried Revive Tropical which is mango yogurt with a coconuty tropical blend.  This mix was very good and the flavor combo blended well together.

I also tried Revive Chai Spices, which is honey yogurt with a chai granola.  I wasn’t crazy about the chai granola; the flavor didn’t seem to blend well with the honey yogurt.

Two for Tuesday: Jelly-Filled Treats

Strawberry and raspberry are two of my favorite fruits, and I love them in jelly, jam, preserves, candy, ice cream, sorbet, gelato, etc.  If you’ve read more of my blog, you know I love a good raspberry jelly doughnut with that tiny little hole of jelly sticking out.  I’m also a huge fan of Italian doughnuts, bomboloni.  Bomboloni are even more jelly-filled than most jelly doughnuts and have an extra, sweet dollop of jelly on top.  Not only do I love the gooey slickness of jelly in jelly doughnuts, I also love preserves used in jelly cookies like hamentaschen.

Caffe Falai makes the best bomboloni in the city, hands down, but I do like the bomboloni at Bomboloni, an Upper West Side shop that specializes in the treat.  A pretty bomoboloni sprinkled with powdered sugar like a fluffy zeppole with generous ooey goo.

La Delice Pastry Shop is an old world pastry shop in Kips Bay. Its signage and corner display window of decorated cakes scream nostalgia, but the bakery keeps up with the trends, as the myriad colorful macarons connote.

When I enter a bakery like La Delice, I’m overtaken with the beauty of each pastry, cookie and cake.  I love the smells and the memories of Sunday dinners it brings.  I settle on an old bakery favorite of mine–a raspberry hamentaschen.

The hamentaschen is a bit crumbly but has a nice cookie texture and an ample amount of preserves.  I look forward to trying more from La Delice, especially macarons.