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How to Save Your Favorite NYC Restaurants & Food Businesses

This month, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation blog posted an article, The Restaurant Toolbox: Menu Options for Saving Important Food Establishments.  The article outlines actions we can take as consumers to help support our locally owned restaurants and food businesses.  The #1 thing we can do is to think about where we eat and shop.  Make an effort to patronize businesses deeply rooted in the community.  By doing this, we help ensure their survival in an ever-increasing-rent climate.

The article also outlines what businesses can do to help themselves, as well as what policy  makers can do.  It’s very well written with great suggestions.

No Photos at Restaurants?

How would you feel if you couldn’t photograph your food at a restaurant?  Would you still want to eat there?  I was disappointed not to photograph my food at Per Se, but then it was Per Se, so it was an exception.  I would think twice about eating somewhere if I couldn’t take photos.  I’m not obnoxious about it though.  I just use my phone to take photos and if I can get a decent picture without flash, I don’t use it.  I can see how it would get annoying to other customers if one is there with a tripod and huge lens, etc.  But is it any more annoying than customers having phone conversations?  I think it should be up to the restaurant, whatever its culture/policy is, but I do think that a lot of people want to blog today and that restaurant may miss out on potential diners if they do prohibit photography.

10 New Year Restaurants to Try

Here is a list of my top 10 NYC restaurants to try in 2013.  They are in no particular order.  I’m going to schedule some of these for my Brunch/Dinner Club, so if you’re interested, contact me and come along!

1.  Basta Pasta–Japanese/Italian fusion

2.  The NoMad–really want to try the famous chicken

3.  Cafe Mogador–heard it’s great Moroccan

4.  Cookshop–heard brunch is great

5.  Cafe Lalo–desserts!

6.  Clinton Street Baking Company–want the pancakes!

7.  Leopard des Artistes–have to see the decor

8.  Lincoln–heard great things about the food

9.  South Gate–ditto

10.  Enoteca Maria–an Italian restaurant in Staten Island where real grandmas do the cooking!