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Two for Tuesday: Yogurt

Muller yogurt is from Europe but has joined with Quaker (Quaker oats) to bring Muller yogurt to the U.S.   I tried Muller FrutUp, which is creamy yogurt topped with a fruit mousse.  This take on yogurt is a refreshing change from the Greek yogurt craze.  I like the whipped fruit on top.  Both strawberry and raspberry are very good.

Alpina yogurt pairs creamy yogurt with a blend of granola.  I tried Revive Tropical which is mango yogurt with a coconuty tropical blend.  This mix was very good and the flavor combo blended well together.

I also tried Revive Chai Spices, which is honey yogurt with a chai granola.  I wasn’t crazy about the chai granola; the flavor didn’t seem to blend well with the honey yogurt.

Two for Tuesday: Jelly-Filled Treats

Strawberry and raspberry are two of my favorite fruits, and I love them in jelly, jam, preserves, candy, ice cream, sorbet, gelato, etc.  If you’ve read more of my blog, you know I love a good raspberry jelly doughnut with that tiny little hole of jelly sticking out.  I’m also a huge fan of Italian doughnuts, bomboloni.  Bomboloni are even more jelly-filled than most jelly doughnuts and have an extra, sweet dollop of jelly on top.  Not only do I love the gooey slickness of jelly in jelly doughnuts, I also love preserves used in jelly cookies like hamentaschen.

Caffe Falai makes the best bomboloni in the city, hands down, but I do like the bomboloni at Bomboloni, an Upper West Side shop that specializes in the treat.  A pretty bomoboloni sprinkled with powdered sugar like a fluffy zeppole with generous ooey goo.

La Delice Pastry Shop is an old world pastry shop in Kips Bay. Its signage and corner display window of decorated cakes scream nostalgia, but the bakery keeps up with the trends, as the myriad colorful macarons connote.

When I enter a bakery like La Delice, I’m overtaken with the beauty of each pastry, cookie and cake.  I love the smells and the memories of Sunday dinners it brings.  I settle on an old bakery favorite of mine–a raspberry hamentaschen.

The hamentaschen is a bit crumbly but has a nice cookie texture and an ample amount of preserves.  I look forward to trying more from La Delice, especially macarons.

Two for Tuesday: Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream caught my eye while I was at Murray’s Cheese last week.  At $11.99 a pint, I had to see if it was just that good.  I tried goat cheese with red cherries.  I love tart red cherries, so I thought this would be for me.

Jeni’s, out of Ohio, uses tapioca starch as a thickener to create the consistency of its ice cream.

While it had a very clean flavor, I found the goat cheese to be a bit overpowering.  I’m a big fan of traditional, creamy homemade ice creams made Philadelphia-style (without eggs).  Jeni’s is made without eggs, but it doesn’t have that naturally creamy mouthfeel I look for in homemade ice cream.  They do list milk first in the ingredient list, then cream, so maybe that’s why it just wasn’t $11.99 creamy good to me.  So I think how you will like Jeni’s depends on how you take your ice cream.  I like mine with cream, milk and sugar.
Ronnybrook Milk Bar

I tried the ginger and the raspberry ice creams at this shop in Chelsea Market.  I thought the ice cream wasn’t as milky crisp as it could’ve been coming from a dairy and suspected it had gums.  The ingredient list on its Web site confirmed my suspicion.  The raspberry flavor was very light, as was the ginger.  For ginger, it’s probably best to have a lighter flavoring because too much ginger in ice cream can make it a bit too spicy for me.