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Little Italy Isn’t Dead: Piemonte Ravioli

Periodically, there’s an article about how Little Italy is dead or dying. Yes, it’s more of a tourist destination and less of a neighborhood where Italian people live. There are still some Italians there, and there are Italian-American-owned businesses there. A recent article in the New York Times made me want to write a series on Little Italy Isn’t Dead and feature some of the businesses there.

Piemonte Ravioli

Piemonte Ravioli was opened in 1920 by a Genoese immigrant with the last name of Piemonte. In 1955, Mario Bertorelli from Parma bought it. Today, it is run by him and his son, Flavio. The store has a plethora of fresh and dried pasta. They tell photographers James and Karla Murray in Store Front that they use the original recipes from the Piemonte family. They use cheese from Alleva Dairy, and they make their own pasta sauces from their family recipes. Piemonte is also housed in a landmarked building.

Two for Tuesday: Piemonte Ravioli

This week’s Two for Tuesday are two of my favorite pastas–ravioli and fusilli.  The Piemonte Ravioli store on Grand Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy has been making fresh pasta since 1920.  Whenever I’m in the neighborhood, I stop in and get some kind of pasta.  I love the variety here.  My favorite pasta growing up was fusilli.  In stores these days, it seems that the only fusilli you can find is short, but at Piemonte, you can find the long fusilli.


We always served this with a generous dollop of ricotta cheese.


I also tried the store’s namesake, ravioli.


I bought regular and sweet potato.


I ate the regular ones the way I’m used to with tomato sauce and Locatelli cheese.


I ate the sweet potato ones with butter.  They were delicious that way.