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Pie Face Free Pie Day Today

No, that’s not a frown on the face of this pie from Pie Face.  It’s an “M” for “mince” beef pie, a classic Aussie favorite.
photo used with permission of Pie Face

photo used with permission of Pie Face

And you can get a mini one of your own for free today at any of Pie Face’s six New York City locations.  To get a free mini pie, tag @PieFaceUSA on TwitterInstagram, or post to the Pie Face Facebook page with hashtag #GetPieFaced, show the proof of your post to a Pie Dealer, and you’ll get a mini mince beef pie.

Free Mini Tandoori Pie from Pie Face NYC Today

At any location of Pie Face in NYC today, September 3, 2013, from noon until midnight, tweet Pie Face Twitter, post on Pie Face Facebook wall or tag @piefaceusa on Instagram and get a free mini Tandoori vegetarian pie.