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6 Squash Recipes

We always have pumpkin and sweet potatoes on the Thanksgiving table and at this time of year, but we never make squash. We may have to start, especially with these delicious looking recipes.

Maple butternut squash donuts from The Sweet Chick

photo used with permission of The Sweet Chick

photo used with permission of The Sweet Chick

Butternut squash pie from Reformation Acres

photo used with permission of Reformation Acres

photo used with permission of Reformation Acres

Roasted acorn squash protein pancakes from Sensual Appeal

photo used with permission of Sensual Appeal

photo used with permission of Sensual Appeal

Roasted butternut squash sweet potato noodles with bacon, crushed pecans and spinach from Inspiralized

photo used with permission of

photo used with permission of Inspiralized

Winter squash gratin from Kitchen Riffs

photo used with permission of Kitchen Riffs

Used by permission, © Kitchen Riffs/John Griffin

Cinnamon and Palm Sugar Roasted Delicata Squash from Everyday Maven

photo used with permission of Everyday Maven

photo used with permission of Everyday Maven


Free Mini Tandoori Pie from Pie Face NYC Today

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Two for Tuesday: Brooklyn Pizza

I finally made it out to Brooklyn to try Totonno’s in Coney Island and L&B Spumoni Gardens’ pizza in Bensonhurst.  Pizza is a controversial topic, I realize.  My grandmother talked about wood-fired pizza from Naples.  My mother grew up on coal-fired pizza.  As my family worked in the pizza business and owned a pizzeria, I’m pretty critical of pizza.  Among aficionados, Totonno’s has a history and is known as some of the best pizza.

On our visit, we didn’t have to wait on line.  There was one table available.  There are no frills here.  You sit; they bring you paper plates and plastic cups.  You have your choice of canned or bottled soda and water.  Service is rushed and not friendly.  Because of the demand and lack of space, you may have to share a table with other patrons, as we did.  We ordered the large plain cheese pie, which is a steep price at $19.50.

Totonno's pizza
The three elements of pizza are crust, sauce and cheese.  With a coal-fired oven, one would expect the blackened bottom and a certain flavor.  Sally’s Apizza in New Haven has the perfect coal-fired crust.  Totonno’s crust didn’t have that blackened bottom, and the dough was lackluster.  The tomato sauce was bland–just a tomato taste.  The cheese was also pretty flavorless.  I had really wanted to love this place because of its history, but I felt it was lacking in taste.  I really don’t think it’s worth a trip out to Coney Island just for this pizza.

L&B Spumoni Gardens is a subway stop and short walk away from Totonno’s.  Here, the specialty of the house are Sicilian-style pies.  For those who don’t know, Sicilian style pies are square pies that are more doughy.  My mom says that when she was young, Sicilian pies came with tomato and onion, but that is not how they are served today.  The pie at L&B is good, but where’s the cheese?  I understand the sauce is on top of the cheese, but I don’t think there’s enough cheese.  It’s unfortunate because the sauce is very good, slightly sweet and with oregano.  With more cheese, this would be one hell of a Sicilian pie.

L&B Spumoni Gardens pizza

Sweets Week: Day 4: Little Pie Company

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Little Pie Company has been in NYC since 1985.  I’ve been to it a few times through the years.  Their namesake, the little pie, takes center stage at this cute pie shop just off the Broadway beaten path.  I recently visited and got a pie of the month, the strawberry rhubarb, and a banana coconut cream pie.  It seems like a lot of bakeries are getting summery with their ingredients.  I guess it reflects the attitude I’m also feeling, bring on the warm weather!


The pies at Little Pie Company are classic American pies, from Southern pecan to key lime to old-fashioned apple to Mississippi mud.  If you’re looking for crazy hipster flavors, you won’t find that here, where tradition reigns supreme.  In addition to little pies, there are cakes, muffins, cookies and brownies.


Verdict:  The banana coconut cream pie has a perfectly flaky crust and creamy filling with plenty of chunks of real banana and real banana flavor with a generous heaping of cream topped with toasted coconut.  The strawberry rhubarb is equally good, with a sweet berry flavor and flaky crust.  Both pies are very good.