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FDA Proposes Changing Nutrition Labels

The FDA may change current nutrition labels on food products in an effort to curb obesity.  One of the changes includes making serving size what people actually eat.  You know, a small bag of potato chips is now two servings?  Well, it is realistically one.  I think this is a good idea to show people exactly how many calories they are eating because as the labels are now, it is a bit misleading.  However, obesity is a hot button issue, including whether or not there even is an obesity “epidemic,” and if there is, what are the causes.

In addition, larger people are often healthy people.  In my opinion, if there is an “obesity” epidemic, I would think it’s that many Americans are slightly larger as a whole than they used to be, and I think the causes have more to do with rising cortisol levels from our stressful work lives, including commuting and keeping up with the Joneses, as well as being required to sit in a chair for 10-14 hours a day at said jobs and being subtly bullied if one gets up from the chair for any reason (adding to aforementioned stress).

(When it comes to large people, I think there are two separate issues–one, that Americans as a whole are larger than they used to be, and two, that there are people who are predisposed to be larger than others.  Some of my relatives fit into the latter category and ate no more than anyone else in my family.  And how do “scientists” account for the fact that plenty of skinny people eat fast food, chips and drink soda and are not considered “overweight” or “obese.”  Being of Italian descent, my family didn’t eat these things, as we always had lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  And contrary to popular belief, we only ate macaroni/pasta once a week–on Sunday.  And when we did have large Sunday meals, the skinny people in the family ate the same as the larger ones.  Therefore, it’s always been hard for me to “buy” that obesity is caused by eating too much because it doesn’t coincide with what I’ve witnessed to be true.  And in fact, weight loss can be harmful, such as the quick weight loss like on TV shows where large people lose 100 pounds in what seems like a month.  My cousin was large and lost about 100 pounds in about six months and died shortly after from a heart attack.  I don’t think the science is understood yet, but I think that people who are predisposed to be larger are that way because their bodies do not process foods the same way as those who are not, and I think Atkins was on the right track that it does have to do with processing carbohydrates.  But as I said, I think these are two separate issues and should be dealt with and discussed as such.  In addition, our society is very concerned with the effects of bullying yet we bully children who are predisposed to be larger ON A DAILY BASIS through media and in our schools by telling them they can control something that scientists have been trying to understand for generations.)