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Dina’s Top 5 Seamless Delivery

New Yorkers are known for their takeout.  Seamless makes it seamless, and I’m a big fan.  On a given night, I have over 400 restaurants to choose from in my neighborhood.  At this point, I’ve memorized my choices, and I’ve read the ratings.  I have favorites that I order from repeatedly.  This is how spoiled I am with takeout:  I’d like to move to a new neighborhood just to have some new restaurants to choose from.

So my top 5 cuisines on Seamless are:  Japanese/sushi, healthy, ice cream/desserts, Italian and Turkish.  This isn’t surprising because in New York, takeout is something you eat more regularly, and I eat healthy on a regular basis.  So I order sushi and health foods.  I have a favorite sushi place to order from:  Ageha Sushi.  I also have favorite rolls at Kodama and Ocha.  Kodama has this roll called red-eye with salmon, red pepper and cream cheese that is great.  Ocha has the winter roll that’s all yummy veggies like snow peas and baby corn.  I like the clean food from Fuel, and I often get grilled chicken and a sweet potato.  My favorite place to order dessert is Crepe Cafe Joli.  I don’t know what the frozen treat is made of but it’s low-fat and low carb and it’s delish.  I’m into the pumpkin right now, but I also like marshmallow.  When I’m in the mood for a turkey burger with sweet potato fries (and sometimes a milkshake), I order from Lucky’s.

So here’s my top 5 Seamless delivery restaurants (in order of how often I ordered from them and a dish I like from them):

1.  Ageha Sushi (sweet potato roll)


2.  Fuel (grilled chicken and sweet potato and juices)

3.  Crepe Café Joli (pumpkin and marshmallow frozen treat)


4.  Lucky’s (turkey burger and sweet potato fries)

5.  Kodama Sushi/Holey Cream (red-eye roll/midnight cookies and cream ice cream)

Two for Tuesday: Healthy Apples

I love apples.  My favorite variety is honeycrisp, but there isn’t an apple I don’t like.  There are so many ways to eat apples, in apple crumb, apple hand pies, apple cider and of course, apple pie, but if you want them to have a bit more sweetness without the extra fat and carbs, here are two healthy ways to eat apples.  I like to chop up two apples and add a bit of cinnamon and a packet of stevia and toss to coat.  This is a great snack!


The second way I got from Taralynn McNitt on Undressed Skeleton.  She sprinkled some sugar-free gelatin on her apples.  I also like this.  The key to both of these is to not put too much gelatin or cinnamon because they can overpower the apples.  Of course, one can argue that putting the sugar-free gelatin on the apples is not healthy, but if you are cutting back and want something sweet, it works!


Two for Tuesday: Healthy Salads

It’s hard to eat clean at restaurants, and even harder to eat clean in New York City.  But I’m always looking.  While on my restaurant travels, I found two great salads.  The first was at Penny Farthing, a pub in the East Village. The cobb salad here is perfect for those who want to eat clean.  You can order dressing on the side, and you don’t have to eat the cheese.  I love a clean salad, where I can just get plain food with grilled chicken and veggies and romaine or a good mix of greens.  This is the perfect salad for those looking to eat clean with high protein.

Another great salad I recently had was at Mooncake Foods.  I got the grilled chicken and avocado salad with the dressing.  I’m sure you can order it on the side.  It’s another great salad with the basics, although the chicken is seasoned.


Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Taralynn McNitt of Undressed Skeleton published a list of 14 healthy recipes for Thanksgiving.  They look good.  I want to try the sweet potato hash.

d’vida Health Bar

I was lucky to score some freebies from d’vida Health bar today in the form of smoothies and protein bars.  And they were delicious!  The green smoothie was full of veggies and fruit–green apple, spinach, kale and cucumber.  One bar, the Grassroots bar, had carrot, raisins and zucchini.  If you’re skittish of health food, this one is for you because it had a cinnamony flavor reminiscent of holiday baked goods.  You wouldn’t know it was made with veggies.

d’vida baked goods

The other one, the Power Loaf, had banana, flaxseed meal, cranberries and oats.  It tasted like a very strong banana-flavored banana bread.  The texture was different though, as it was made with oats and maybe flax?  Both were delish.  So excited this is nearby because I want to drink more pure veggie juices.  Thanks, d’vida!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  I hope all my local readers are safe this Halloween, despite Hurricane Sandy.  I’m sharing an easy Halloween dessert to help you have a stress-free, healthy Halloween!

Candy Corn Parfait

sugar-free Cool Whip

pineapple chunks

sugar-free orange Jell-O

Fill the bottom of a parfait glass in equal parts with pineapple chunks, then orange Jell-O and top with Cool Whip.  Voila!  Easy low-cal Halloween dessert that resembles candy corn.

candy corn parfait