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7 NYC Candy Stores

When I was a kid, I remember trick-or-treating in my neighborhood and getting large-sized chocolate bars of many of the popular candies.  There was a woman who always gave out popcorn balls and a doctor who gave out apples.  They were not my favorites, but looking back on it, those were more of the memorable Halloween treats.  As I got older, I noticed the candy became smaller, as people opted for smaller-sized treats to give out, probably due to the cost of candy.

I don’t think of specialty candy when I think of Halloween candy, but if you are in the city for Halloween and want to pick up some candy or find yourself a sweet treat to celebrate, here are some candy stores to visit.  Admittedly, I am not a big candy eater, so I don’t frequent candy stores all that often.  My favorite candy store in the city is Sockerbit because I have a like for all things Scandinavian, and I like the tart gummy candies.

Meatpacking District

Sugar Factory–At Sugar Factory, you can get a variety of candy cocktails with flavors of popular candies like Jolly Rancher, Blow Pop, Lemon Heads and Hubba Bubba bubble gum with a real piece of Hubba Bubba.  There are also 60-oz. drinks in ginormous goblets.  Sugar Factory is a restaurant, but it also has a retail candy store.

46 Gansevoort Street (between Washington Street & Greenwich Street), (212) 414-8700, www.sugarfactory.com/new-york-citys-meatpacking-district-0

Midtown East

FAO Schweetz–A candy store inside the famous toy store.  It has all types of candy, including giant gummy bears.

767 5th Avenue, (212) 644-9400, www.fao.com

FAO Schweetz
FAO Schweetz

Little Italy

Papabubble–If you like hard candy, Papabubble is the place for you.  The shop is a modest size and specializes in artisan hard candy in a variety of shapes and flavors.

380 Broome Street (between Mott Street & Mulberry Street), (212) 966-2599, www.papabubbleny.com

Lower East Side

Economy Candy–An old-fashioned candy store with all kinds of candy, including nuts and jelly beans.  They also have novelty gift items like Pez and specialty candies like halvah and Turkish delight.


108 Rivington Street (between Ludlow Street & Essex Street), (212) 254-1531, www.economycandy.com


West Village

Sockerbit–A Swedish candy store with all kinds of colorful licorice and gummy candies in sweet, sour and tart varieties.  My favorite of all the candy stores listed.  They also have a limited selection of Scandinavian knickknacks and gourmet food products.

89 Christopher Street (between 7th Avenue South & Bleecker Street), (212) 206-8170, www.sockerbit.com

Swedish sweets

Swedish sweets

The London Candy Co.–For the expat Brit or Britophile, the London Candy Co. has all  your favorite candy from the UK.

267 Bleecker Street (between Cornelia Street & Morton Street), (212) 427-2129, www.thelondoncandycompany.com

Sugar and Plumm–The main location of this candy store is on the Upper West Side, but this outpost is a candy store and bakery.  The UWS location is a bistro with a full menu along with a retail candy store.  The desserts here will satisfy any sweet tooth!

257 Bleecker Street, (212) 388-5757, www.sugarandplumm.com/

Two for Tuesday: Halloween Foodie Items

Halloween is not a gift-giving holiday, but it can be if you want to give a gift to someone special or to yourself!  I found some cool Halloween- and fall-related gift items.

The first is this adorable pumpkin-shaped cookbook of pumpkin recipes I saw at Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore in Manhattan.  (They even have ones on potatoes, eggs and pasta too.)

pumpkin book

If you want something a little more eerie, opt for the chocolate skull at Fika, a Scandinavian coffee shop in Manhattan.

chocolate skull

Food-related Halloween Costumes

Not sure what you want to be for Halloween?  Here are some last-minute food-related costumes.  Some of these are funny, some are cute and some are like why?

1.  Trendy costumes:  There are adult donut and burger costumes, so how about making a cronut or ramen burger costume?

2.  Sexy women’s costume:  French fries

3.  Cute and funny kids’ costume:  Lobster in a pot

4.  Adorable costume for dog:  Taco

5.  Funny for men:  Hard salami

6.  If you want to be a walking advertisement, how about a can of Chunky soup?

7.  If you really want an unusual costume, how about an onion?

8.  If you want people to keep asking what you are all night, try this burrito costume.

9.  Cute costume for couples:  Bacon and eggs

10.  Clever diy costume:  Deviled egg

Save Village Halloween Parade!

OK, this post isn’t about food, but it’s about a NYC institution.  One that I love and have been participating in for 16 years:  the Village Halloween parade.  This year is the parade’s 40th year, but it may not happen if it doesn’t get the funds to survive.  You can help:  donate!

This was my costume in 2001 as a tribute to firefighters after 9/11, and it landed me on the news.


This was my costume in 2003 as a tribute to the troops overseas.


Probably my most popular costume with the crowd was head-to-toe pink in 2002.


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!  I hope all my local readers are safe this Halloween, despite Hurricane Sandy.  I’m sharing an easy Halloween dessert to help you have a stress-free, healthy Halloween!

Candy Corn Parfait

sugar-free Cool Whip

pineapple chunks

sugar-free orange Jell-O

Fill the bottom of a parfait glass in equal parts with pineapple chunks, then orange Jell-O and top with Cool Whip.  Voila!  Easy low-cal Halloween dessert that resembles candy corn.

candy corn parfait