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Two for Tuesday: Work Snacks

It’s always a challenge to eat healthy while at work or on the go.  I keep an eye out for healthy snacks that have a shelf life that I can take with me at the last minute when I don’t have time to prepare healthy snacks.  These ready-to-eat meals from gopicnic are perfect.  This one has salami, asiago cheese spread, olive oil and sea salt crackers, a cashew-cranberry-yogurt mix and dark chocolate with rice crisps.  At 350 calories, it’s a great quick lunch or various parts of it can be used as snacks throughout the day.  Personally, I wouldn’t eat these on a regular basis because I avoid carbs, but in a pinch and on the go, they are perfect.

go picnic
Another good snack that I use in a pinch, especially if I don’t have access to fresh fruit, is freeze-dried fruit. These freeze-dried apples from Good & Delish are perfect for travel or to bring to work or school.

Delish dried apples

I’ve also had this brand’s freeze-dried strawberries, and they are good too.

freeze dried apples

Delish is Delish

With all the buzz surrounding the Celebrity Apprentice ice cream created by Trace Adkins and Penn Jillette for the Good & Delish brand at Walgreens, magic swirtle and maple macadamia mash-up, I thought I’d try some other Good & Delish products.  I got them at Duane Reade in Manhattan, but you can find them at Walgreens too.  (If you are looking for the Celebrity Apprentice ice ceams, I saw them this week at Duane Reade.)  Good & Delish products are not your average store brand products.  They are creative treats like these milk chocolate cornflake clusters and this tropical fruit white chocolate bar.

Delish products3
These were delish. The cornflake clusters are kind of like chocolate with crispy rice in it, only the cornflakes are a bit crunchier and almost burst a little like Pop Rocks. I really liked these. The white chocolate had a nice burst of fruit.

I also tried these caramel apple caramels, sea salt caramel granola chips, cinnamon apple chips and dark chocolate with crispy rice puffs.  Guess what? Delish!  My favorite is the sea salt caramel granola chips.  They are addictive.  I also like the dark chocolate with crispy rice.  I’m thinking they would go well on top of vanilla ice cream.

Delish products
My exploration of Good & Delish didn’t stop there. I tried these red velvet caramels and milk chocolate and marshmallow smores. Have to admit, red velvets were not favorites of mine and the smores were just OK.

Delish products1

These blackberry sorbet chocolate bars more than made up for the lackluster former two treats. OMG, these are more than delish.

chocolate sorbet bars

Finally, if you were a fan of raspberry cream Peek Freans, then you’ll like Good & Delish raspberry cream cookies.  I also love the cinnamon granola chips.

Delish products4

So I definitely recommend the Good & Delish products, especially the milk chocolate cornflake clusters, sea salt caramel and cinnamon granola chips, blackberry sorbet bars dipped in chocolate, tropical white chocolate bar and dark Belgian chocolate thins with crispy rice.  Yum!  I mean, delish!