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Sweets Week: Day 5: La Bergamote

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La Bergamote is a French bistro and patisserie with locations in Chelsea and one hidden away down an unsuspecting side street of Tenth Avenue in Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen.  I’d like to come back here some time for brunch in the cafe.  The patisserie has cakes, croissants, tarts and more.  I got a Paris-Brest, the choux pastry filled with cream and topped with powdered sugar and almond slivers that was named for a bicycle race between the cities Paris and Brest.


Verdict:  The custardy-creamy hazelnut-flavored filling and fresh pastry make for a delicious dessert.

Galette des Rois

Celebrate Epiphany tomorrow, January 8, at the French Institute with a Galette des Rois, the French cake served plain or with frangipane (almond-paste filling).  Each cake has a feve, or charm, and if you find it, you are crowned king or queen!  Tickets are $30.

Sweets Week: Day 5: La Silhouette

La Silhouette is such a lovely restaurant.   I tried the popcorn creme brulee at an earlier visit.  This time, I got the honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd.

honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd

Verdict:  The desserts at La Silhouette are top notch in craftsmanship and flavor.  Pastry chef Jeff Sytsma knows what he is doing.  This dessert was out-of-this-world good, and one of my new favorite desserts at a New York restaurant.

My friend got the dark chocolate pot de creme with toasted hazelnut marshmallow and graham cracker ice cream.

Verdict:  Of course, I tasted this one too.  It’s a wonderful upscale version of s’mores.

dark chocolate pot de creme

We also got an added bonus of lime marshmallows and almond financiers. They were both perfect.

lime marshmallows and almond financiers

Sweets Week: Day 2: Francois Payard Bakery

The sweet for the day is the new macaron ice cream sandwich at Francois Payard Bakery.  A new location of FPB opened up not far from me, to my delight.  However, it was a bit tricky to find as it’s not on Columbus Circle but a block down on Broadway.  Once inside, I found a small sign advertising the macaron ice cream sandwich in flavors like passion fruit cheesecake and coconut mango.  Now, I must admit, though I am an ice cream addict, I’m not a huge fan of ice cream sandwiches.  However, I am open to anything Francois Payard creates, so I had to try this exotic and posh take on a cool summer treat.  I got passion fruit cheesecake, and my taste-tester friend got coconut mango.

Verdict:  Perfect macaron cookie and delish ice cream.

Passion fruit cheesecake macaron ice cream sandwich