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9th Avenue International Food Festival

Today and tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, May 18 & 19, 2013, is the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival.  The festival runs from 42nd Street to 57th Street.  As you can see from this pic, the darkening sky didn’t keep festival goers away.  In fact, when it started to pour, they got umbrellas.

9th Ave.
There are all kinds of ethnic foods as well as typical fair foods like zeppole, funnel cakes, arepas, candy apples and grilled corn.

grilled corn

There are booths with Hell’s Kitchen and New York t-shirts and your standard street fair hats, sheets, spices, etc.  If you’re a single lady, there are some cute cops on the festival route, especially at 48th Street.

Some booths of note to check out are Empanada Mama, one of the festival sponsors, which has a few spread throughout the festival:

Empanada Mama

And Thai buns across the street:

Thai buns

I got the 3 for $5, Thai sweet sausages, pulled beef and curry chicken.  All were good.

Thai buns1

Schmackary gave out free samples of its chocolate diablo cookie, a chocolate cookie that brings the heat.


It was really good.

chocolate diablo cookie

Friendship has a booth giving away free samples of cottage cheese.


Poseidon Bakery, one of the festival sponsors, has a table of Greek pastries.

Greek pastries