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Cherry Fluff


Cherry fluff from Mom on Time Out is a fun, yummy dessert that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.  It’s pink and full of cherries and marshmallows.  I used sugar-free Cool Whip, 2 1/2 cups of colored marshmallows and 1 1/2 cups of coconut.  This salad is great for a crowd too.



Dina’s Top 5 Seamless Delivery

New Yorkers are known for their takeout.  Seamless makes it seamless, and I’m a big fan.  On a given night, I have over 400 restaurants to choose from in my neighborhood.  At this point, I’ve memorized my choices, and I’ve read the ratings.  I have favorites that I order from repeatedly.  This is how spoiled I am with takeout:  I’d like to move to a new neighborhood just to have some new restaurants to choose from.

So my top 5 cuisines on Seamless are:  Japanese/sushi, healthy, ice cream/desserts, Italian and Turkish.  This isn’t surprising because in New York, takeout is something you eat more regularly, and I eat healthy on a regular basis.  So I order sushi and health foods.  I have a favorite sushi place to order from:  Ageha Sushi.  I also have favorite rolls at Kodama and Ocha.  Kodama has this roll called red-eye with salmon, red pepper and cream cheese that is great.  Ocha has the winter roll that’s all yummy veggies like snow peas and baby corn.  I like the clean food from Fuel, and I often get grilled chicken and a sweet potato.  My favorite place to order dessert is Crepe Cafe Joli.  I don’t know what the frozen treat is made of but it’s low-fat and low carb and it’s delish.  I’m into the pumpkin right now, but I also like marshmallow.  When I’m in the mood for a turkey burger with sweet potato fries (and sometimes a milkshake), I order from Lucky’s.

So here’s my top 5 Seamless delivery restaurants (in order of how often I ordered from them and a dish I like from them):

1.  Ageha Sushi (sweet potato roll)


2.  Fuel (grilled chicken and sweet potato and juices)

3.  Crepe Café Joli (pumpkin and marshmallow frozen treat)


4.  Lucky’s (turkey burger and sweet potato fries)

5.  Kodama Sushi/Holey Cream (red-eye roll/midnight cookies and cream ice cream)

Dinner: Keens Steakhouse

Things are great at Keens Steakhouse.  It won a James Beard “America’s Classics” award this year, and since then, business has really been booming.  Not that the 128-year-old steakhouse needed an award–it’s obviously doing something right.  And that’s steak…atmosphere…service…and dessert.


Speaking of atmosphere, the first thing(s) you notice when you step down the steps, besides the dark wood, is/are the thousands of pipes, yes, pipes, hanging all over the ceiling.


The history is that travelers would check their pipe in at their favorite inn because the pipes were too fragile to be carried.  They are hard clay churchwarden pipes, and famous names like Babe Ruth, Teddy Roosevelt and Albert Einstein had pipes at Keens.  Right by the door, there’s a case, including an autographed pipe from Michael Jackson and other present-day celebrities.


I didn’t know about this history before eating at Keens, so it was an interesting, fun history to learn.

My dinner at Keens was a belated birthday dinner with a friend.  I was instantly pleased that along with a bread basket and butter, we got veggies and spinach dip for a somewhat clean-eating snack.  (Hey, we needed some celery before this meal.)


For appetizers, we got littleneck clams on the half shell.


Tomatoes and onion salad with blue stilton cheese.  I like that there was just a sprinkling of cheese on the tomatoes and onion.  Just the right amount of flavor.


Thick-cut smoked bacon.  My friend ordered this.  I’m not a bacon fan, but I decided to take a taste.  Oh wow, this was so smoky and flavorful.  This is definitely not your average bacon of bacon and eggs….


Keens is known for its mutton chop, but I wanted steak.  I know I’m not a big steak eater, but lately, I’ve been enjoying it.  So I got the steamed Maine lobster and filet mignon.  The lobster was perfect and delicious.  The filet mignon was cooked to my liking.  It was very good–not as tender as the one I recently had at the Old Homestead, but still excellent.


My friend got the prime rib of beef, king’s cut.


For sides, we got mashed Yukon gold potatoes and creamed spinach.  I like mashed potatoes without garlic, so I was very happy with these.  I also liked the creamed spinach best of all I’ve had recently.


We were pretty full after this meal, but our waiter talked us into a dessert.  Yes, the butterscotch sundae, with housemade butterscotch sauce made with real scotch.  They brought it with a birthday candle for me.


OK, I usually find steakhouse desserts boring, like the standard cheesecake, chocolate cake, key lime pie…but this sundae takes the cake…er, ice cream.

This butterscotch sauce was sooooo good, we both want to come back and get our own.  I wanted to get a close-up so you could see it better.


Yes, there is a reason Keens has been in business for more than a century, and that is because it serves classic food that is delicious.

Sweets Week: Day 5: La Silhouette

La Silhouette is such a lovely restaurant.   I tried the popcorn creme brulee at an earlier visit.  This time, I got the honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd.

honey mascarpone mille feuille with toasted oats and cherry curd

Verdict:  The desserts at La Silhouette are top notch in craftsmanship and flavor.  Pastry chef Jeff Sytsma knows what he is doing.  This dessert was out-of-this-world good, and one of my new favorite desserts at a New York restaurant.

My friend got the dark chocolate pot de creme with toasted hazelnut marshmallow and graham cracker ice cream.

Verdict:  Of course, I tasted this one too.  It’s a wonderful upscale version of s’mores.

dark chocolate pot de creme

We also got an added bonus of lime marshmallows and almond financiers. They were both perfect.

lime marshmallows and almond financiers

Sweets Week: Day 1: Cafe Zaiya

There may be a theme for Sweets Week this time, Japanese sweets.  Lunch time at the Midtown location of Cafe Zaiya on E. 41st Street is a madhouse.  The very popular Japanese spot has savory lunches available.  Of course, I made my way to the bakery case.  After eyeing some French-style fancy cakes and breads, I decided upon a cream cheese dome and a cream cornet.

cream cheese dome

Verdict:  The cream cheese dome wasn’t round or high.  I’d call it cream cheese moon because with its pockmarks, it looks like the surface of the moon.  The bread part was a soft, sweet bread, and the cream cheese was more like farmer cheese consistency than smooth cream cheese like we’d find in an American cheese Danish.


The cream cheese was creamy and not too sweet, a good balance with the sweet bread.  I liked this bread and would get it again.

cream cornet

Verdict:  The cream cornet should be called custard cornet, as the filling is more like a custard.  I’m not a big fan of custard in pastry, but this one is not very sweet, which is nice.  From what I read about cream cornets, the bread is like a soft roll.  This one is very soft and tastes like a dinner roll reminiscent of Golden Corral.  Btw, I love Golden Corral dinner rolls, but the taste and consistency don’t work well in a custard bun.  Given my feelings on custard and the roll, I wouldn’t get this again.

Sweets Week: Day 5: Perilla

Perilla is my favorite brunch spot.  The name, perilla, comes from an herb in the mint family that tastes like anise, more commonly known by its Japanese name, shiso.  Perilla’s chef is Harold Dieterle, the first winner of Bravo’s Top Chef.  As I said, brunch here is unique and flavorful.  This time, I decided to get dessert, a great decision on my part.  I ordered the Blueberry Financier with roasted apricot, vanilla anglaise, lovage and Greek yogurt ice cream.

Verdict:  The sweetness of the roasted apricot, the light Greek yogurt ice cream and the freshness of the blueberry financier make for a perfect summer dessert.

Blueberry Financier