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St. Patrick’s Day Goodies from Crumbs

I got some St. Patrick’s Day goodies from Crumbs.  This is a mini cupcake sampler of the store’s St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes.


I also got a green St. Patrick’s Day whoopie pie and push-up pop.



Tiger Cupcakes

Here’s a post for foodies who are also bookworms.  Try Tiger cupcakes inspired by the Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

Two for Tuesday: Seasonal Flavors

The winter brings certain flavors like cinnamon, ginger and cranberry.  Most businesses create some kind of seasonal treat to enjoy with these flavors or that are reminiscent of the season.

The mini-cupcake shop Baked by Melissa has a special “Snowball” cupcake.  These cupcakes are about the size of a quarter, so they are perfect if you are watching your weight for the holidays.  The Snowball cupcake is white cake with white frosting and little white snowflakes. 


The Doughnut Plant has some special doughnuts for the season.  I am a fan of the yeast doughnuts here, so instead of getting the cranberry yeast doughnut, I tried the cake doughnuts.  Here are cranberry and ginger, both very good.  The ginger has real ginger in the glaze.

doughnut plant

Sweets Week: Day 4: Buttercup Bake Shop

I think most New Yorkers know about Buttercup Bake Shop and have their thoughts on which is better, Buttercup or Magnolia Bakery.  I have been going to both since before Magnolia’s Sex and the City fame.  I prefer Buttercup, and not just because it has shorter lines.  I have fond memories of eating a Lady Baltimore cupcake and its perfect meringue frosting after nights of carousing the local Irish pubs on 2nd Avenue.  (I don’t like meringue frosting usually, but Buttercup does it right.)  I’m sure I’ve tried most of the cupcakes at Buttercup.  So, this time, I thought I’d try a slice of cake.  And what a slice it was–large enough for two, or so I thought after dinner at the Palm.

Verdict:  Same great frosting, fresh cake, delish filling.  Wouldn’t change a thing except maybe eating it on an empty stomach.

Lady Baltimore cake at Buttercup Bake Shop

Sweets Week: Day 1: Georgetown Cupcake

After trying Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes at a NYC Bar Association event, I wanted more.  So I headed to their NYC location in Soho.  A cupcake tasting without red velvet would be insane.  So I got red velvet, chocolate and vanilla (everyone likes one or the other), white chocolate raspberry (yummy combo) and lavender earl gray teacake (something different).  Before eating, I thought I would like red velvet best and lavender earl grey least.

First, I tried white chocolate raspberry.

Verdict:  A little too moist.  The white chocolate chips were on the bottom, so I’m guessing they weren’t floured before being put into the batter.

Second, the chocolate and vanilla.

Verdict:  A coffee-flavored chocolate.

Third, red velvet.

Verdict:  A little on the sweet side.

Fourth, lavender earl gray teacake.

Verdict:  Light flavor, not too sweet, very pleasant.  The surprising favorite of the group.  I still think the key lime and salted caramel are my favorites from this cupcake shop.  (In case you’re wondering, I had some help sampling these cupcakes.  I’m a foodie, but even I can’t eat four cupcakes at once!)  To try your own taste test, visit their site.

Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes