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Au Bon Pain’s CroisBun

Au Bon Pain recently premiered the CroisBun, a croissant-bun hybrid, and the latest in the line of cronut knockoffs.  The CroisBun is different because it’s a cross between a croissant and a “bun.”  I think it’s more of a cross between a croissant and a Danish.  This one has strawberry and cheese filling.  Normally, I’m not crazy about chain stores/bakeries, but this CroisBun is delicious.  It is fresh.  It is buttery and flaky like a croissant.  And it also has the creamy cheese filling of a Danish.  It’s not overly sweet but just right.  It’s a winner.  The name is a little weird, though because the way it’s written makes me want to call it a “croybun” not a “crowbun” like “croissant-bun.”