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Cherry White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

If you are snowed in, how about making some cookies?  I made the cherry white chocolate pudding cookies from Chocolate Chocolate and More like I did this time last year.  They are a classic in my house!  Plus, they are a great color for Valentine’s Day!


Coconut Meringue Peach Bars


I made the coconut apricot bars from Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book.  I didn’t have apricot or pineapple preserves, which the recipe called for, but I did have peach, so I used that.  This recipe is made for a 13×9 pan, but I can tell you the cookie dough will not fit into a pan that size.  I put it in a square cake pan and that worked perfectly.  Ironically, this cookie also has meringue.  I didn’t plan it that way, but I’m finding out that I really like meringue.  This is yummy while it’s still a bit warm but best after it’s cooled.  This is definitely for the sweet tooth, as the preserves and the meringue are sweet.


Cherry Pecan Icebox Cookies


Today’s cookies are the cherry pecan icebox cookies from Taste of Home‘s Best Loved Cookies and Bars.  These have been a family favorite for years, and I’ve written about them before.


Swedish Jitterbug Cookies

I’m getting my Christmas baking started, and I want to try some new cookies this year.  I’m going to post them as I bake them.  I’m trying cookies from different cookbooks.


These Swedish Jitterbug Cookies come from Swedish Cakes and Cookies by Skyhorse Publishing.  These are tasty cookies, but they are a bit messy to make.  The recipe in this book calls for one egg yolk in the dough, but you must put two egg yolks in the dough or your dough will not roll.  It’s better though because you use two egg whites for the meringue so waste not want not.

These cookies have a nice buttery shortbread taste and a sweet chewiness from the meringue.  They are addictive!

6 Christmas Cookie Trends

Here are 6 cookie trends this holiday season that I’ve noticed from perusing the web.

1.  Chocolate and orange.  What a great combination and they come together perfectly in this cookie, Candied Orange Peel & Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Goodies a Volonte.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Goodies a Volonte

2.  Jazzed-up snickerdoodles. Snickerdoodles are a classic cookie, but this season they are being jazzed-up with brown butter, sea salt and caramel.  Try this delicious version–Toffee Speckled Snickerdoodles by Very Culinary.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Very Culinary

3.  Oreos. Another Christmas trend is using Oreo cookies to create another yummy cookie like these Chocolate Peppermint & Oreo Cookies by Mandy’s Recipe Box.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Mandy’s Recipe Box

4.  Peanut butter.  Classic peanut butter cookies get a holiday twist with Peanut Butter Molasses Cookies by Chocolate Moosey.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Chocolate Moosey

5.  Creative cutouts like these Highland Christmas Cookies from Outlander Kitchen.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Outlander Kitchen

6.  Meringues–Adorable shapes with meringue like these Christmas Tree Meringues from Crumbs + Corkscrews.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Crumbs + Corkscrews

Sweets Week: Day 5: Schmackary’s

Schmackary’s is a specialty cookie shop in Hell’s Kitchen.  There’s an extensive menu of cookies here, many seasonal, and they don’t have all the cookies all of the time.  On my trip, I got sea salt chocolate chip, red velvet cookie with walnut buttercream frosting, chocolate duet, pumpkin spice and candied yam.


I first had Schmackary’s at the Ninth Avenue Festival when they gave out a free sample of the chocolate diablo cookie, and it was really good.  I thought the sea salt chocolate chip was delicious, a good balance between chewy and crispy.

chocolate chip cookie

All the cookies were good, but there was a thick, floury kind of aftertaste in the pumpkin and yam cookies.  I definitely preferred the former three cookies to the latter two.  I’d like to try the sweet corn cookie (gluten-free) made with corn flour and sweet corn.

Sweets Week: Day 3: FIKA

FIKA is a Swedish coffee shop that makes its own pastries in house.  While I don’t drink coffee, I do eat pastries.  And the pastries here are delicious.  They are Swedish-inspired like almond marzipan pastry and Swedish cinnamon buns.  I got the almond marzipan pastry, the graham cracker chocolate with hazelnut cream filling and a chocolate spice biscotti.   They also have chocolate truffles in flavors like lingonberry.  In addition to the selection of Swedish pastries, they also have chocolate chip cookies, brownies and croissants, and they serve food.  While you can sit in FIKA, it is small and has the feel of a takeout coffee shop rather than a place to sit and linger.  All of these treats were delicious, but my favorite was the firm yet chewy biscotti.