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NYC Cheesecake: Rocco’s vs. Veniero’s

Back in October 2013 in Dina’s Guide to NYC Italian Bakeries on my blog, I declared that Pasticceria Rocco on Bleecker Street in the West Village had the best New York-style cheesecake in the city. Four years later, do they still? I decided to compare theirs to Veniero’s for a West Village/East Village cheesecake challenge.

On a recent trip to Rocco’s, I got a slice as well as some taralli for the road. I love the creaminess of this cheesecake. In my book, it has the perfect consistency that I look for in cheesecake. In addition, it has the right amount of sweetness, which is not too much.

For the first time, I tried Veniero’s cheesecake. Veniero’s is located on E. 11th Street in the East Village. A nice creamy texture and good flavor, not too sweet. A serious contender, but for me, Rocco’s has a little something extra that makes it keep top spot on my list.

Of course, you can do your own cheesecake taste test and see which old world Italian bakery makes the best cheesecake to you.


Cool Food Blog

Foodie Fiasco is a very cool food blog of healthy, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free recipes published by a fifteen-year-old girl.  Her recipes are creative and sound delicious.  I’ve been wanting to try baking with chickpea flour, and she has a healthy cheesecake with a chickpea crust that she calls the World’s Healthiest Cheesecake.  I also like the post of the World’s Healthiest Cookie, told from the voice of the cookie’s star ingredient, coconut flour.  She has a fun feature called “All For One,” a recipe for a single serving of a cake or treat, such as peanut butter cake or chocolate doughnuts.  Her recipes use healthy ingredients like almond milk, olive oil and coconut flour.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Here’s my roundup of St. Patrick’s Day recipes.

1.  Mint and chocolate fudge Oreo bars from Averie Cooks–easy to make, almost no-bake!

from Averie Cooks

photo from Averie Cooks

2.  Shamrock pudding shots from That’s So Michelle–pudding for the adults!

from That's so Michelle

photo from That’s So Michelle

 3.  Lucky leprechaun dip from Healthy. Happy. Life.–vegan!

photo used with permission of Healthy. Happy. Life.

photo used with permission of Healthy. Happy. Life.

4.  Slow-cooker corned beef and cabbage from Very Culinary–go to the parade while this cooks!

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Very Culinary

5.  Mini no-bake Irish cream cheesecake from Being the Secret Ingredient–gluten-free!

photo used with permission

photo used with permission of Being the Secret Ingredient

La Lanterna

hot toddy1

I don’t remember the first time I went to La Lanterna.  I’ve been there so many times, and since I lived on West 3rd Street and Bleecker Street, La Lanterna was like a second home to me.  I’ve tried a lot of desserts, gelato and specialty drinks there.  There used to be more cafes like this in the city, but they are slowly dying out.  La Lanterna is a romantic place, dark and cozy, always bustling yet never too crowded.  There is a lovely outdoor garden, but I never like sitting there.  I prefer the tables inside.  I conspired about life in its cozy nooks many a night.  When the weather gets cold, my thoughts turn to the long drink menu of warm comfort.  I can while away an afternoon well into the evening here, chatting and dreaming.

hot toddy2
I find myself much more content when I’ve had a cup of clarity from La Lanterna. And a slice of pumpkin cognac cheesecake doesn’t hurt either.

pumpkin cognac cheesecake