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Holiday Baking Suggestions

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As you decide what cookies, cakes, pies and desserts to bake/make this holiday season, take a look at these lists for Christmas cookies and cakes.  I got a box mix for Filipino Bibingka Cake, so I may make that this year.  I also like the sound of Icelandic air cookies.

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Pink Velvet Cake


I finally got around to making a cake from Southern Living Cakes cookbook.  (Well, I already made one–a peanut butter cola cake, but I didn’t like it.


It called for using coca cola, and I don’t think I like that flavor in cake.)  I knew I would get around to making the red velvet cake recipe because I love red velvet cake.  Only, I used only one bottle of red food coloring, so I have a pink velvet cake.  This recipe makes a lovely cake, and there is plenty of frosting.




Artylicious Cakes

If you’ve read my blog enough, you know I can’t pass up a bakery.  So when I saw a sign for cupcakes at Artylicious Cakes, I had to stop in.  Artylicious Cakes is a bakery in Raleigh, NC.  The owner, Iriene Wangsawidjaja, specializes in cake art and has had her cakes featured in magazines as well as at local events and has won awards at the NC State Fair (blue ribbon for a Lorax cake).  Her fondant work is gorgeous, and if I were looking for a special occasion cake, I would have her make it.  Irene is very sweet, and on my visit, let me and my friend try a number of flavors before deciding.  Ultimately, we chose lemonberry, lemon cake with a hint of strawberry and vanilla creme, as our favorite.   Also, the chocolate raspberry, hazelnut mocha and black forest are all divine.  Her buttercream is so tasty, smooth and silky.  I really love the texture of her cakes.  She also has cupcakes, cheesecake and macaroons available, and they all look lovely.


Two for Tuesday: Korean Bakeries

In Koreatown, NYC, there are two Korean bakeries that serve Asian and French-inspired baked goods and desserts.  The first is Paris Baguette, which is also selling out its version of the Cronut.  Paris Baguette is always crowded, and the aisle where the pastries are is a little cramped.  But this place has the best shaved ice, which I wrote about before.

This is the cup version. I prefer the bowl version just because you can easily get to the all the flavors.

This picture includes a yummy chestnut bread on the right and a sour cream bread to the bottom left with an interesting sour taste.

Paris Baguette also makes this milk pudding called royal pudding.  I’ve tried plain and berry.
Both are great, but I love the berry.  And it’s served in this darling glass that you can keep!


The second bakery is Tous Les Jours.  When you walk in Tous Les Jours, you’re overwhelmed with the cases of baked goods and cakes.  There’s so much to choose from, and they are so lovely.  Check out that red velvet cake on the left below.  How pretty!


This is the place to get a fancy cake for a special occasion.


I’ve written about the honeydew ice candy I had.  The mango is good too.

They also make a good shaved ice.
I’m addicted to a milk bread that I haven’t taken a picture of. It’s a soft yeast roll with this whipped creamy filling that is fluffy and good.  Yum!

I don’t think you can go wrong at either bakery, but my favorite items so far have been the fruit shaved ice at Paris Baguette and the milk bread and honeydew ice candy at Tous Les Jours.  I know I’ll be back to try more!