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Two for Tuesday: Protein Brownies

OK, which is better?  A brownie from The Protein Bakery or a homemade black bean brownie?

protein bakery brownie

Let’s do a side-by-side of the Wicked Mint Brownie vs the standard homemade black bean brownie.  First of all, I love the green mint chips of the Wicked Mint Brownie.  I was looking all over for these for St. Patrick’s Day to no avail.

black bean brownie

Which one is prettier?  Protein Bakery.

Which one tastes more like a brownie?  Protein Bakery.  It’s delicious.  The black bean brownie is kind of bitter but still good.

Which one has a texture more like a brownie?  Protein Bakery–it’s like a real brownie.  The black bean brownie is a little wet.

Which one is healthier?  The homemade one.  Wicked Mint Brownie is 300 calories with 20 g of carbs.  The black bean brownie has 56.5 calories.

What about the protein?  The protein in Wicked Mint Brownie comes from whey while the black bean brownie’s comes from black beans.  I prefer the beans.

Verdict:  I’d save the Wicked Mint brownie for an occasional brownie fix when you really want a brownie.  They are delicious and could potentially be addictive.  The homemade brownies are snacks you can eat on a regular basis, and it would be perfectly OK to eat more than one.