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Almayass is a restaurant specializing in Armenian-Lebanese dishes.  The flagship restaurant is in Beirut, and the New York City location opened in April 2012.   The atmosphere is quiet and romantic with a modern feel.  Colorful glass artwork, such as a centerpiece of blue flowers, adorn the lobby and dining area.  The friendly staff are more than happy to recommend dishes and explain items on the menu.  All menu items, not just the mezze, but the entrees and salads too, are meant to be shared.  Each table gets a basket of pita bread with a sesame seed dip.

We ordered fattoush, a bread salad with mint,  sumac and a lemon dressing.  This refreshing version had fried pita pieces that gave a nice crunch.

With the thin pita bread, we scooped labneh with dried mint and extra virgin olive oil.

Subereg, a layered pastry with cheese, recommended by our waiter:

Chicken wings provencal in a cilantro and garlic sauce:

I couldn’t get enough of shrimp provencal, shrimp sautéed in a very pleasant lemon juice, cilantro and garlic sauce:

We didn’t leave anything on our plates! All of the garlic dishes were well seasoned, with just a hint of garlic to make the dish sparkle.