Delaney’s Irish Pub & Grill in Cape May, New Jersey

There are so many great places to eat in Cape May, but when I saw Cajun Pierogies on the menu at Delaney’s Irish Pub & Grill, I was sold.  These are cheese and potato pierogies with Cajun seasoning.  They were delicious!

Also got the basket of tater tots with white cheddar bacon cheese sauce.

Some fried calamari.

And for some greens, a tomato and mozzarella salad.

This menu has a huge selection of items, and it was the perfect place to share some appetizers. They were all very good.


Vintage Spaghetti Fork

I saw this hilarious vintage automatic spaghetti fork at an antiques store in New Jersey.  The end of the fork actually has a crank on it, and the directions show you how to turn it so the spaghetti turns on the fork.  This was a gag/novelty item from H. Fishlove & Co. out of Chicago.  H. Fishlove & Co. is now Fun Incorporated, and you can still get the spaghetti fork.

Penza’s Pies in Hammonton, New Jersey

Penza’s Pies at the Red Barn Cafe is the legacy of the originating Sicilian farmer whose family still owns it. You can’t miss the big red barn off Route 206 in Hammonton, New Jersey.

The cafe is small and quaint. When we visited, we got brunch.

Apparently, you can’t order a slice of pie, but they do have a pie-like dessert with Jersey blueberries.  This was really delicious!

We also got a blueberry pie for the road.

When you’re done, stop by the nearby farmers’ market for New Jersey peaches, blueberries and tomatoes.


Calandra’s Bakery

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I stepped inside Calandra’s Bakery in Fairfield, New Jersey.  Well, this is my idea of heaven.  Tall cases of colorful revolving cakes, a wall of crusty breads, and cases and cases of pastries glistening with sugary glazes.  This bakery is the epitome of an Italian bakery.

The bakery was started over 50 years ago by Italian immigrants Luciano and Ortenza Calandra.  Today, they are a mini empire with three bakeries that supply over 500 establishments in four states as well as restaurants and hotels.

Gorgeous lobster tails with custard or cannoli cream.

rum baba

St. Joseph’s Day zeppoles in custard or cannoli cream


I got a box for the road with lobster tails, cannoli and a sfogliatella.  Really great sfogliatella, crispy and flaky with a delicious filling.

My favorite was the pepperoni bread.  This brings me back to childhood. Absolutely delicious!


Cape May Bread Lady

I drove by the Cape May bread lady’s bakery.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t open.  Another excuse to get back to Cape May!



Who Makes the Best Mint Creams at the Jersey Shore?

On a recent trip to the Jersey shore, I discovered cream mints at James’ on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.  They were soft, yet thick and pasty with a strong mint flavor that clears your sinuses.  So I decided to try the versions of cream mints that I found at other taffy shops.

Fralinger’s in Atlantic City, New Jersey


Douglas Fudge in Wildwood, New Jersey

Douglas Fudge makes saltwater taffy, fudge, macaroons and more.  You can order online from them too.

I sampled the three cream mints.  The one from Douglas is probably the most creamy with a milder mint flavor.  Fralinger’s was very similar to the one from James, but James was my favorite.  I like the shape, and it has a more intense mint flavor.

Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts, or Pasteis de Nata

pasteis de nata

Pasteis de nata (or pastel de nata) are egg custard tarts found in Portugal and Portuguese-influenced countries. These deliciously creamy tarts have a characteristic browned shine on top. You can find a delicious version of them at Portuguese restaurant Lupulo in Midtown.

pasteis de nata

They can also be found in regular or Nutella at the delightful Portuguese café and bakery Café Mauro in North Arlington, New Jersey.

pasteis de nata