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Russian Carrots in Milk Sauce


I bought this Russian cookbook at a Russian event and since springtime is synonymous with carrots, I decided to make carrots in milk sauce.  It’s a simple recipe.  I liked it, but no one else did.  If you like cream, you will like it.  It is bland, but I found it to be pleasant.  I got a bag of sliced carrots and cooked them with a teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt.  The milk sauce is a roux made with milk, flour, butter and salt.




Cool Ranch Roasted Chickpeas

I recently made these cool ranch roasted chick peas from Vegan Yack Attack.  I’d never had roasted chickpeas and wanted to try them.  Well, these are an addictive snack.  I did not add nutritional yeast or onion powder, and I didn’t use fresh chives but dried ones.  But this has got me wanting to experiment with other herbs/spices on chickpeas.  They are really great!


In addition, the dressing is great to make a chickpea salad, which I did instead of roasting some of the chickpeas, adding some tomatoes.


Baked Quinoa & Cheese

I made a more fattening version of this baked quinoa & cheese from The Way to His Heart with a whole stick of butter and full-fat cheddar cheese as well as half and half and instead of Italian breadcrumbs, I used panko crumbs.  I also used red quinoa since I thought it’d be more fun.


This dish is absolutely delicious.  Of course, it makes quinoa not healthy with all the fatty goodness, but it is vegetarian and will disappear quickly.


African Peanut Stew

I finally made this African peanut stew from Spabettie.  This dish was amazing and is definitely going to become part of the regular dinner rotation.  It’s a great vegetarian dish that uses peanut butter for protein.  In mine, I didn’t use a red or habanero pepper.  (I don’t like hot/spicy food.)  I used olive oil instead of butter and water instead of stock.  I also used 1 cup of peanut butter instead of the tahini.  I added a can of corn and a can of Italian green beans as well as some crushed red pepper.  This was delicious served over couscous.


Dinner: Dirt Candy

It’s been two years since I dined at Dirt Candy, but I never wrote about it.  I found the old photos on my camera and decided I’d share them with you.  Many of the same dishes are still on the menu.  I love the name of this restaurant.  To a lawyer into trademarks, this is a perfect name!

I’m not vegetarian although I eat a lot of and appreciate vegetables.  I found that the dishes were creative but many fell flat on flavor.  In addition, although it was two years ago, I do remember being kept waiting a long time even though we had reservations.  The dining room is tiny, so if you don’t like cramped spaces, you may not be comfortable.

My friend and I got the snack–jalapeno hush puppies served with maple butter, and they were very good.

We also got the mushroom appetizer–portobello mousse, truffled toast
pear and fennel compote. The portobello mousse lacked flavor, but the pear and fennel compote was good.  In all, I just didn’t think this dish worked.

Not on the menu now, there was a study in carrot.  The carrot was flavorful and creative, using different colored carrots to make the buns.

My friend’s entrée was the cucumber, which was an excellent example of Dirt Candy’s success.

I got the corn entrée: stone ground grits, corn cream, pickled shiitakes, huitlacoche, tempura poached egg.  The grits seriously lacked flavor.  As my friend said, grits don’t have much flavor, so you really need to kick it up, and this dish just didn’t do that.


Lenten (or Vegetarian) Lunch: Otarian

If you’re in the Hell’s Kitchen/Lincoln Center area and looking for a vegetarian meal, Otarian is a vegetarian fast-food restaurant.  When I visited, I got the roasted vegetable lasagna.  These are in the refrigerated case in the front and are heated up and served for you in some pretty pottery.  The lasagna is not bad, but it does taste like a frozen dinner.  I also got the spinach and pea soup.  Pea soup sounded warm and comforting, but the spinach is a bit overpowering.  In all, if you are in the area and looking for quick vegetarian food, this is a good bet.


Happy Hanukkah!

For Hanukkah, I made a big skillet potato pancake, latke, or rosti.  I got the recipe from Martha Stewart’s magazine.  It called for four pounds of potatoes peeled and shredded, one celery root peeled and shredded, salt, pepper and olive oil.  It didn’t turn over so easily in the pan as the recipe said to do.  So instead of cooking it on the stove as directed, I just baked it.  It turned out wonderfully, and it was delicious.  I ate it with a dollop of sour cream and a little bit of applesauce!  I also made red cabbage cooked with butter, sugar and vinegar–very simple yet very yummy.