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Tell Mayor de Blasio to Support Small Businesses

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has made it super easy to tell Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito to support Intro. 0402-2014, the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA).  Just click this link for easy and quick automated letters showing your support.

Small businesses are threatened with extinction if rents keep doubling and tripling.  Already, the city is losing some of its beloved businesses because they simply cannot pay the exorbitant rents.  Avignone Pharmacy is set to close at the end of the month because its rent tripled.  Some of these businesses have been in NYC for a century–or more.  Avignone is 183 years old.  Avignone (then called Stock Pharmacy) survived the Civil War, including the Draft Riots, and the poverty of late-18th century NYC.  What is happening that these businesses could survive through two World Wars, the Great Depression and the ’70s recession, but they cannot survive today?

Avignone’s new landlord is Force Capital Management, a hedge fund that manages $1.2 billion.  This is the bottom line–NYC, along with the rest of America, is losing its character, its charm and its history so a minute percentage of people in this country can become the super wealthy.

15 Things to Do in New York City During Christmas Time

Every season in New York City has its unique flair.  But Christmas is definitely the most exhilarating.  The crisp chill in the air.  The sparkling lights and holiday decor. If you’ve never been, you must visit NYC just once during this time of year.  The things on this list are my favorites–especially the store windows, decor and markets.


1.  Department store windows–The major department stores have different displays every year and it’s always fun to see.  Check out Macy’s, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman


2. Rockefeller Center tree and skating

skating rink

Bryant Park skating rink

3.  Bryant Park Christmas market and skating rink

4.  Union Square Christmas market

5.  Columbus Circle Christmas market

6.  Rockettes Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall


7.  Neapolitan creche at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

8.  Holiday train show at the New York Botanical Garden

9.  Empire State Building lights–LED light show


10.  Strolling through Midtown to see the decorations like the Cartier building dressed as a package and the tree at the New York Palace hotel


11.  Origami tree at the American Museum of Natural History

12. Dinner at the much-decorated Rolf’s German restaurant


13.  Holiday decorations in the Dyker Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn

Olson Manor

Olson Manor

14.  Gingerbread Extravaganza at Le Parker Meridien

15.  Gingerbread Lane at New York Hall of Science

John’s Pizza Wins Best Pizza in Citysearch NYC Poll

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John’s Pizza wins Best Pizza in Citysearch New York‘s poll on the best pizza in New York 2014.  I have to agree.  It’s probably my favorite in the city too.  Although I love Di Fara’s as well.

Suicide Blamed on Rent Hike Stress

My heart goes out to the Mancinos.  I’m very saddened by the news of a suicide related to rent hike stress.  It’s so troubling to me that so many businesses are being forced to relocate after establishing years of goodwill.  So many things are troubling about this, including how a hospital is a landlord to a bakery.  Perhaps this is what is wrong with America today and why our hospitals are failing.  Hospitals should be in the business of healthcare not bakeries.

Owner of Borgatti’s Ravioli Passes Away

Mario Borgatti, the owner of Borgatti’s Ravioli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, passed away at age 97.

How to Save Your Favorite NYC Restaurants & Food Businesses

This month, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation blog posted an article, The Restaurant Toolbox: Menu Options for Saving Important Food Establishments.  The article outlines actions we can take as consumers to help support our locally owned restaurants and food businesses.  The #1 thing we can do is to think about where we eat and shop.  Make an effort to patronize businesses deeply rooted in the community.  By doing this, we help ensure their survival in an ever-increasing-rent climate.

The article also outlines what businesses can do to help themselves, as well as what policy  makers can do.  It’s very well written with great suggestions.

NYC Restaurant Week Reservations Open Today

NYC Restaurant Week reservations are open today.