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Best Ice Cream in New Jersey–My New Jersey Ice Cream Tour Results

The best ice cream in New Jersey is, of course, subjective.  New Jersey is a great state for an ice cream fan.  There are so many places to try.  I sampled ice cream from eleven different ice cream shops around the state and have chosen my top three and listed what stands out the most to me about the shop.

  1. Denville Dairy in Denville, NJ–the creamiest soft-serve ice cream.
  2. Magnifico’s in East Brunswick, NJ–best cherry-dipped cone.
  3. Cookman Creamery in Asbury Park, NJ–delicious vegan options.

New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 11: Ice Hot Teppanyaki, Wildwood, NJ

There are some long lines at Ice Hot Teppanyaki on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ, but they are not as long as the lines for this type of ice cream in New York City.  So I could finally try it.  It is as fun watching these guys make the ice cream as it is to eat it.  The cream is poured onto a freezing metal surface and manipulated with a spatula until it starts to harden.

Other ingredients are added in,

then it is rolled into a cylindrical shape,

put into a cup, and topped with fruit or cookies, etc. This style of ice cream seems to have originated in Thailand but it is called teppanyaki because a Japanese teppanyaki pan is used to make it.  Teppanyaki is food that is cooked on a griddle like what you get at a Japanese steakhouse.

ice cream, teppanyaki

It’s very pretty and very tasty.

New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 10: Fine Fellows Creamery, Cape May, NJ

Fine Fellows Creamery has a cute retro ’50s soda shop vibe.  It serves Bassetts Ice Cream from Philadelphia.  Bassetts is the oldest ice cream company in America still run by the Bassett family since 1861.  They have a lot of traditional flavors but have changed with the times to include flavors like matcha and pomegranate blueberry chunk. I had never heard of nor tried Bassetts before, so I was curious.  I’m a purist, so I usually opt for vanilla.

ice cream

It was good, but it had the consistency of most retail ice cream, which is to say, it had added gums.  Sure enough, I checked the nutritional information on Bassetts website and it does (and corn syrup).  I would say if you are in Cape May and wanting ice cream, then Fine Fellows is a good option.

New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 9: Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream, Ledgewood, NJ

Cliff’s Homemade Ice Cream opened in 1975 by Cliff Freund.

It serves both hard and soft ice cream.  For those who prefer soft serve, there are a lot of flavors here to choose from.

The hard ice cream menu is quite extensive and a lot of flavors sounded interesting to me, Smurf not being one of them.  I liked Bavarian Creame Raspberry Truffle.  My friend did also, so we both got two scoops.  As you can see from this photo, my friend’s scoops were a lot larger than mine and they had truffles, which you couldn’t see in mine.

ice cream

Despite these inconsistencies, the ice cream was good.

New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 8: Denville Dairy, Denville, NJ

Denville Dairy has been around for 50 years, so you know they are doing something right.  The shop was created by Jack Fine, who passed away in 2013, and is now run by his children.  They serve hard and soft ice cream as well as ice cream sandwiches, cakes, pies and more.  I had to go for a vanilla soft serve here because I had a feeling it was going to be creamy and delicious.  I was right.  This was one of the best vanilla soft serve ice creams I have ever had.  It has that wonderfully creamy mouthfeel and slight tang that I look for in vanilla ice cream.

ice cream

New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 7: Cookman Creamery, Asbury Park, NJ

Cookman Creamery is a newcomer on the New Jersey ice cream scene, but it is no novice.

The ice cream here is artisanal with standard flavors like vanilla, chocolate and butter pecan alongside more creative ones.  They sure do love their Oreos with three unique flavors: Nutter Brudder with peanut butter Oreos, peanut butter Chips Ahoy, fudge swirl, and peanut butter swirl; Cookman Monster with Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and fudge swirls; and Lemon Cookie with lemon pudding, lemon Oreos, and lemon zest.  They also have a nod to the city’s most famous son, Bruce Springsteen, with the salted caramel-and-chocolate covered pretzel Thunder Road.

What really stands out here is how they cater to people with allergies and alternative diets.  They have a large selection of vegan ice cream and quite a few gluten-free options.  I also felt the staff was knowledgeable and clarified with me what was vegan and traditional.

I ordered a scoop of traditional vanilla and a scoop of vegan maple bacon.  Both were good, but the vegan was the standout.  This flavor was really unique and delicious.  It was so creamy that I couldn’t tell it was nondairy.

ice cream

New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 6: As You Like It Ice Cream, Raritan, NJ

As You Like It Ice Cream has been in Raritan, New Jersey, since 1985.  They serve both hard and soft ice cream in mostly standard flavors.  One of their flavors is a salted caramel called Jersey Shore.

On my visit, I had just eaten DeLucia’s pizza nearby and wanted some dessert.  So I got orange cream, which was a tasty option.

ice cream