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Candy at FAO Schwarz

The candy store at FAO Schwarz, FAO Schweetz, should be on Mayor Bloomberg’s radar.  There are giant-size candy bars, including a giant gummy bear (really?).

giant gummy bear

You can also make a bag of sweets for yourself with gummies, chocolates, licorice etc.  I made a bag of Swedish fish and other gel/gummy/sugared treats in blueberry, strawberry, peach, mango, cola.

FAO Schweetz

The candies definitely take care of the sweet tooth. The sugared peach was good. I also recently visited Sockerbit in the West Village, and comparing the two, Sockerbit sweets stand out.


Sweets Week: Day 3: Sockerbit

There’s more to Swedish candy than Swedish fish (though I’m a big fan of these).  At Sockerbit‘s West Village location, I got a bag of Swedish sweets:  Swedish berries both tart and sweet and some coated with sugar, vanilla and strawberry marshmallows (some in mushroom shapes), pony-shaped gummies, strawberry lollipops that promise never-ending flavor and yogurt-covered coconut.  Licorice is popular here, but I’m not a fan so I stuck to what I like best.  (For fans, the licorice comes in sweet and salty varieties.)

Verdict:  Love the slight tartness of the flat Swedish berries, my favorite of the sampling.  The yogurt-covered coconut was another fave.  All were fresh and chewy.

Swedish sweets