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NY Rangers Cronut Today Only

Dominique Ansel made cronuts in honor of the New York Rangers, available today only.  I’m sure the NY Rangers cronut sold out fast!


Free Nutella Cronut Holes Today

Today, in Madison Square, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the first 1,000 people to arrive will get a free Nutella cronut hole.

Au Bon Pain’s CroisBun

Au Bon Pain recently premiered the CroisBun, a croissant-bun hybrid, and the latest in the line of cronut knockoffs.  The CroisBun is different because it’s a cross between a croissant and a “bun.”  I think it’s more of a cross between a croissant and a Danish.  This one has strawberry and cheese filling.  Normally, I’m not crazy about chain stores/bakeries, but this CroisBun is delicious.  It is fresh.  It is buttery and flaky like a croissant.  And it also has the creamy cheese filling of a Danish.  It’s not overly sweet but just right.  It’s a winner.  The name is a little weird, though because the way it’s written makes me want to call it a “croybun” not a “crowbun” like “croissant-bun.”


Two for Tuesday: Croissant Doughnuts and Bagel Balls

Is there anything better than a doughnut, a croissant or a bagel?  Can you really improve upon perfection?  Well, the popularity and the “black market” cronuts would have one believe that you can.  Having never tried a cronut, I can’t speak to them.  I have tried the knockoff at Crumbs and wasn’t impressed.  On a recent trip to the grocery store Food Emporium, I tried two of its “croissant donuts”:  strawberry and salted caramel.  At first glance, they look delicious.  Knowing that they come from Food Emporium makes one believe they will taste like grocery store baked goods.  And guess what?  They do–but in a really yummy way.  I have to say I enjoyed the cream in both of these, especially the strawberry.  I still have yet to taste an authentic cronut, but these are pretty darn good.  They have layers like a croissant but more of a doughnut flavor.


Is this better than a doughnut or a croissant?  Well, no, I like both for different reasons.  I like my doughnuts sweet with jelly or sugar and my croissants savory with butter.  So I probably think of these more as doughnuts.

At Bantam Bagels on Bleecker Street in the West Village, the bagels are small, round balls of bagel dough filled with cream cheese…well, not always.  The takeout spot has a variety of bagels to choose from.  I got a French toast, an everything and an onion bagel.  The first thing they do is toast these in a small oven.  I wish they would ask if you want them toasted before they put them in the oven because I don’t like toasted bagels.  The French toast bagel was my favorite.  It was flavorful, cinnamony and had an ample amount of a sweet cream cheese inside.  The onion bagel had a dot of butter inside.  These were a real disappointment because they didn’t have enough cream cheese inside and some had no cream cheese at all (which I didn’t know because I made an assumption when I saw onion that it would just have cream cheese in it).  Also, the dough is hard.


Bantam bagels are $1.35 each.  While I enjoy a little experimentation, it’s hard to justify charging a high price for something that just isn’t that great.

This idea reminded me of bagel knots from Chesapeake Bagel Bakery.  They were a pastry made from bagel dough with an icing on top.  They were delicious, but the bakery discontinued making them.

Sweets Week: Day 6: Taipan Bakery

If the line at Taipen Bakery in Chinatown is any indication, this is one popular bakery.  I also tried to get mooncakes here back in September, and they were sold out.

The bakery has breads and pastries that are self serve and then there are cakes and pastries in the case.  When it’s crowded, it’s a little confusing as there is no real line, but there are many counter clerks and they will get to you…eventually.  Since I’m in love with coconut cream buns, I got one of those and then I saw this bright orange cake with the cutest triangular shape to it.


So a friend of mine had the idea of toasting the coconut cream bun in the oven, and let me tell you what a good idea that was.  I like them as is, but when toasted, the cream gets all melty and it’s another level of delicious coconut bun.  The orange cake was a little strange.  It did taste like orange, but in a fake way.  Maybe it’s just not to my taste, but it sure is cute.

Sweets Week: Day 3: FIKA

FIKA is a Swedish coffee shop that makes its own pastries in house.  While I don’t drink coffee, I do eat pastries.  And the pastries here are delicious.  They are Swedish-inspired like almond marzipan pastry and Swedish cinnamon buns.  I got the almond marzipan pastry, the graham cracker chocolate with hazelnut cream filling and a chocolate spice biscotti.   They also have chocolate truffles in flavors like lingonberry.  In addition to the selection of Swedish pastries, they also have chocolate chip cookies, brownies and croissants, and they serve food.  While you can sit in FIKA, it is small and has the feel of a takeout coffee shop rather than a place to sit and linger.  All of these treats were delicious, but my favorite was the firm yet chewy biscotti.


Sweets Week: Day 2: Treat House

The owners of Treat House on the Upper West Side are probably hoping that rice krispie treats are the new cupcake.  While rice krispie treats also bring us back to childhood memories, I’m not sure they have the mass appeal of cupcakes.  However, the rice krispie treats at Treat House do give cupcakes a run for their money.  On my visit, I got four treats, caramel sea salt, chocolate raspberry, s’mores and a seasonal maple pecan.  The former two were almost sold out, and they were fresh and delicious.  There were plenty left of the latter two, and they were a bit on the stale side.  However, the caramel sea salt and chocolate raspberry are delicious and add depth to a rice krispie treat, which is something I didn’t think could be perfected upon.  My preference is the chocolate raspberry.