Dina’s 10 Favorite Things About Summer in NYC

Rounding out my year of NYC, here’s my list of favorite things in NYC in the summer. Oh, yes, this is the time of year when New Yorkers head for the beach and leave town while the tourists come in droves. But, like every season in New York, there are so many great things to do that I could never understand why anyone would want to leave. Sure, walking around is like being in a sauna, but it’s also a season for…

  1. Ice cream! Ice cream is great any time of the year but its peak is summer. And New York has a wide variety of ice cream styles to choose from–gelato, paletas, ice cream, frozen fruit, snow cream, shaved ice…the list is endless.

    ice cream

  2. A short subway ride to the beach…. I know there are some New Yorkers who don’t want to set foot in Coney Island or Brighton Beach. I don’t know why! They are close by and in my opinion, a fun day at the beach. You can walk the boardwalk from one to the other. It feels like a vacation from the city, and the best part is it’s so darn close! 
  3. Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks–The best fireworks show ever! Best seen from the roof of an apartment building like at mine!
  4. The Giglio festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in July–this is one of the best Italian festivals in the United States. It was first celebrated in Williamsburg in 1903 by the immigrants from Nola, Italy, in honor of their patron saint, San Paolino. The highlight of the Giglio festival is the lift of the 4-ton tower by a group dedicated to keeping the tradition alive. 
  5. Manhattanhenge–On two days a year, you can see the sun set on a street that runs east-west. 
  6. Outdoor movies–nothing like seeing movies on the big screen with the Big Apple (or New Jersey) in the background! 
  7. NYC Restaurant Week–Time to visit all those restaurants you didn’t get to in January!
  8. Being outside at one of the parks like Central Park, the High Line or Governors Island.
  9. Taking a sightseeing cruise around the island or a trip on the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.
  10. The Hoboken Italian Festival–This festival is at the tail end of summer and a fun day trip from the city.

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