New Jersey Ice Cream, Day 3: Halo Pub, Hamilton Square, NJ

Halo Pub is an ice cream shop with two locations in Hamilton Square and Princeton, NJ.  Both locations contain ice cream made from the dairy at Halo Farm in Lawrenceville, NJ, started in 1975 by Jerry Reilly.  The milk comes from grass-fed cows on farms in Pennsylvania.  Apparently, Halo Farm is suing Halo Top, the high-protein, low-calorie ice cream, for trademark infringement.

The Hamilton Square location is in a cute pub-turned-ice cream shop.  It’s a very popular place, as it was pretty crowded on a Monday night.  Flavors here are standards like vanilla or cookies and cream and variations of standards like chocolate peanut butter or strawberry chocolate chip.

I like basic flavors most, so I couldn’t resist the vanilla.  I also got the strawberry chocolate chip.  Both had a nice mouthfeel and good taste.

ice cream


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