New Jersey Pizza Tour, Fourth Stop: Reservoir Tavern, Boonton

Reservoir Tavern was opened in Boonton, New Jersey, in 1936 by Italian immigrant Nicola Bevacqua, named so because it sits near the Boonton Reservoir.  Today, it is run by his grandson, Nicola III.

We tried a bar pizza, which was thin but less crispy than the other bar pizzas we had tried. The sauce was not overpowering either, not too salty or too sweet.


The Margherita pie was more doughy and cheesy but also more wet because of the tomato.


Both were tasty pies. What’s great about Reservoir Tavern is that in addition to pizza, they have a full menu with other Italian specialties you don’t often see in restaurants like zucchini flowers, broccoli rabe, escarole and beans and cavatelli. We got the broccoli rabe salad. Yum!

broccoli rabe

A visit to Reservoir Tavern is pleasant, as there is a large parking lot and dining room.


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