New Jersey Pizza Tour, Third Stop: DeLucia’s Brick Oven Pizza, Raritan

Italian immigrant Costantino DeLucia opened a bread bakery in Raritan, NJ, in 1917 and added pizza to the menu in 1935.  By the 1950s, he exclusively sold pizza. DeLucia’s Brick Oven Pizza is still operated by his descendants today. In fact, it’s a sight to see just for New Jersey nostalgia and history.  If you go, there is no parking right near it, but there’s plenty of parking in the residential neighborhood around it and on the street in front of nearby shops.

The building is characteristic of old New Jersey buildings. Very quaint. The dining area is no-frills. There is waitress service though. But there is no restroom because it predates restroom requirements. (Plan accordingly. There’s no restroom at the nearby ice cream shop either, which I went to in hopes there would be. I had ice cream anyway. So me.)

The highlight is the awesome old oven. (I always feel the word “awesome” is overused in America. It should truly be reserved for awesome things, and this oven is one of them.)

This baby is 100 years old and can definitely cook a pie. Look, there’s one in there now.

We ordered a plain cheese pizza. The pizza here is more of a New York-style. It has the typical thin New Jersey crust that is crunchier than New York-style. Also, the sauce has a salty taste, not sweet like the Trenton tomato pies, which is a welcome taste for those who prefer a saltier sauce to a sweet one.


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