New Jersey Pizza Tour, Second Stop: De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies, Robbinsville

De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies was opened in Trenton in 1947 but now resides in Robbinsville, not far down the street from Papa’s.  Pasquale and Maria De Lorenzo came to America from a town near Naples and opened De Lorenzo’s in Trenton in 1936.  In 1947, their son Alexander (Chick) opened his own pizzeria. Like Papa’s, De Lorenzo’s started out with a coal-fired oven and switched to gas in the 1950s. There are two separate De Lorenzo’s run by descendants of Pasquale and Maria, DeLorenzo’s Pizza, now in Hamilton, NJ, and De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies in Robbinsville.  The Robbinsville location is run by Sam Amico, Chick’s grandson. It’s a modern-style restaurant in a cute shopping center.

Salads are a new addition to the menu and I got the radicchio, artichoke and pecorino salad.  This salad was delicious. I’d love to recreate this at home.

We ordered a regular tomato pie. The pie was cut down the middle in irregular-shaped slices.  The sauce was sweet, and the crust was thin and crisp but a bit more pliable than Papa’s.



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