Two for Tuesday: NYC Bagels

OK, it’s not really fair to compare any NYC bagels to Russ & Daughters, but I just so happened to eat a Russ & Daughters bagel and a Black Seed bagel.  So I thought it would make a good Two for Tuesday.

Russ & Daughters is a classic NYC institution.  Its original location is on Houston Street and it also has a cafe nearby on Orchard Street.  I went to the original because I just wanted a bagel.  And I got a toasted onion one with scallion cream cheese.  Excellent bagel.  If you are visiting NYC and want to try the most authentic bagel, this is it.


Black Seed Bagels is a more recent newcomer to the NYC bagel scene.  It’s located in Nolita, Battery Park City and the East Village.  I went to the Nolita location.  The bagels here are a combination of New York and Montreal style.  They offer standard bagels– plain, sesame, poppy, rye, everything, salt and multigrain.  I’ve had bagels in Montreal, and I don’t think they quite measure up to Montreal’s time-honored bagels.  I had about the same style bagel as I did at Russ & Daughters–plain with scallion cream cheese.  It was a good bagel, but not special and a bit pricey.  The schtick here is the artisanal bagel sandwich like ricotta, apple, honey or smoked trout, hard-boiled egg, arugula and dijon mustard.  I admit, they do sound good, so maybe I’ll have to try one next time.





One response to “Two for Tuesday: NYC Bagels

  1. I could de with a visit to New York soon. Those bagels look great.

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