Day 4: 12 Days of Southern Food Gifts

To represent the 12 Days of Christmas (which start the day after Christmas but I’m doing it earlier so you can give these as Christmas gifts), I’m showcasing 12 days of delicious artisanal food treats from the American South.  These are hand-picked by me, Dina, because I’ve tried them and they are delicious.

bbq sauce

photo used with permission

Day 4, Raleigh, North Carolina: Dimples BBQ sauce

Owner Rich Campana describes Dimples BBQ sauce as a “family-friendly” sauce, and I would agree. Everyone likes it. It’s a versatile sauce that’s good on everything, and it’s even loved by vegetarians in my family. Rich, who has been making Dimples along with his wife, Jan, for five years, prefers his Dimples bbq sauce on ribs. In fact, his inspiration to create the sauce came from competing with his bbq team, the Kings of Q, in events held by the Kansas City BBQ Society. “We’d pass it out at the competitions and people asked, ‘Where’d you get that?'” Rich recalls. Dimples was born.

photo used with permission

photo used with permission


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