Day 2: 12 Days of Southern Food Gifts

To represent the 12 Days of Christmas (which start the day after Christmas but I’m doing it earlier so you can give these as Christmas gifts), I’m showcasing 12 days of delicious artisanal food treats from the American South.  These are hand-picked by me, Dina, because I’ve tried them and they are delicious.


Second stop, Cramerton, North Carolina: Slawsa

Ever since I saw Slawsa featured on Shark Tank, I wanted to try it. I’m glad I did! In North Carolina, cole slaw, known only as “slaw,” is a popular condiment with pulled pork barbecue. Slawsa is supposed to be a cross between slaw and salsa. Now that I tried it, I can say I’m hooked. Slawsa really is a condiment that stands on its own. And while I’m not usually a fan of heat, my favorite Slawsa is the spicy variety.



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