Day Trip to Mooresville, North Carolina

Mooresville, North Carolina is about 25 miles north of Charlotte in the Piedmont area of the state.  Its known for its connection to NASCAR, as a lot of people involved with racing live here.  There are a number of fun stops here for the foodie.  One is Alino Pizzeria, a pizzeria serving Neapolitan-style pizza from three ovens made in Italy.  The restaurant itself is no-frills with large, communal picnic table seating.  You order right next to the gelato case and then put a number on your table and someone will bring your order up.  We got a margherita pizza, and it was good.  The thing that always strikes me about Neapolitan pies is that they tend to be soggy, but my Neapolitan cousin said that’s how they should be.  This one was no different.  The crust had some char and a nice flavor, albeit soggy, and the cheese was creamy and delicious.  The sauce was good too, but a bit sweet for me.  All in all, I thought it was a good pie.


And one cannot visit Mooresville without going to the Mooresville Ice Cream Company, established in 1924, for some of their delicious DeLuxe and Front Porch brand ice cream.  I got pumpkin, Charleston sea salt and caramel and Nana’s banana pudding.

IMG_1634 IMG_1633

We also made a stop at La Patisserie.  We had wanted crepes, especially the mushroom one.  The store has two locations and I thought they were both open all day on Saturday.  So we went downtown, but it closes in the afternoon.  And they don’t have the mushroom crepe on the menu here.  We wound up getting some salads, quiche and mousse.  The salad was good, the quiche wasn’t so great, but the mousse was delicious.


We didn’t eat at the What-a-Burger, but I mention it because even though it is a chain, it is located in an old-fashioned drive-in.  It looks like a fun place to have a burger.


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