Great Editorial on Our Connection to the Natural World

There’s a great editorial in the Aug/Sept 2015 issue of Paleo magazine.  It’s not up online yet, so you may have to see if you can still get a copy.  It’s called “The Things We’d Know” by Frank Forencich.  This article is about how we’ve lost our connection to the natural world.  What Forencich says really resonated with me, especially when he lists all the things we know about the modern world like books, cities, movies, cars, clothing, companies, sporting events etc and compares it to what we know about the natural world.  It’s sobering to realize that most of us in the modern world do not know the plants, animals and environment around us.  When I think of two generations before me–my grandparents–and how they did know many of these things, especially plants for nourishment and medicine.  And how I don’t know these things.  And how our heads are filled with a lot of pretty useless information (this is my interpretation, not Forencich’s).  I’ve thought about what he is saying too–how much of our brain capacity is focused on entertainment in the form of apps, video games, movies, shopping, popular culture versus how much is focused on things of use to us for our health and well-being and the health and well-being of others and our planet.  And I’m adding this in here–most of what we focus on in the modern world is marketing, what is advertised to us, in hopes we will make a purchase based on this information.  Our brains are being used for someone’s branding and eventual profit, not for our potential or interest.  It really makes me want to pare down and unplug.


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