The 30th International Festival of Raleigh

I went to the first night of the 30th International Festival of Raleigh tonight.  The festival runs all weekend and features a marketplace and booths representing food and goods from different countries.  There’s also a stage for dances and shows and cooking demonstrations.  I sampled much delicious food, including

Brazilian cheddar and cream cheese breads (these were soooo good!)

cheese bread

yummy veggie samosa and sweet potato fries from Kenya


delicious cheese arepa from Venezuela


Dutch doughnuts, yummy warm fried dough with raisins

Dutch doughnuts

Bolani, a delicious savory fried pastry filled with potatoes, onions and garlic, from Afghanistan


Egyptian kushari, a comforting bowl of lentils, rice, macaroni and caramelized onions

kushari, koshary

Brazilian beijinho, a sweet coconut brigadeiro

beijinho, brigadeiro

and parata, a sweet, sugared fried dough from Afghanistan




2 responses to “The 30th International Festival of Raleigh

  1. I just want to eat that Dutch doughnut in one big bite! Actually, I want to eat all of these foods in one big bite! 🙂 I’m very jealous of these beautiful foods you got to sample!

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