Crock-pot Coconut Curry Chicken

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I made this crock-pot coconut curry chicken from Practical Stewardship.  I especially liked this dish because it had turmeric.  I’m using a lot of turmeric now because it is good for you.  This dish was delicious and tasted just like something I’d get from an Indian restaurant.  I have a crock-pot, but I don’t know why I never use it.  I didn’t saute the onion–just chopped it and added it to the crock-pot.  I only used one clove of garlic (I’m not a fan of garlicky things).  I didn’t use the red bell pepper at all (I don’t like them).  And I used dry ginger.  Also didn’t chop the chicken.  I ate this sans rice because I prefer a low-carb meal.  I was very happy with the results, and I will be adding this to my rotation.


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