Big Soy

At the state fair, in a state department of agriculture coloring book for kids, it had pictures of products that use soybeans–oil, soap, cake, baby formula, salad dressing, adhesives and erasers.  I was a little troubled by this.  I’ve written about soy’s ubiquity and its health risks in my article Soy in Our Food.  Remember in the 80s-90s-00s that HFCS and trans fats were in every product on the shelf?  Well, soy is one of the ingredients that has “replaced” them as most popular, i.e., cheapest and versatile ingredient.  Soy is in everything today.  (Just check out labels at the grocery store.  The oil in your mayonnaise is soybean.  I recently saw a commercial for Duke’s mayonnaise where they say it’s the same as it has always been.  I don’t think it is.  It contains soybean oil.)

Almost 20 years ago (I’m dating myself), I wrote an article for my college newspaper on farmers transitioning from growing tobacco to growing soybeans.  Little did I know then that that transition would have such an impact in later years.  Was soy just a way for former big tobacco investors to move their investments?  Is it now time for BIG SOY?


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