Cheese Party

If you love cheese and want to have a fun dinner this winter, try a cheese party.  I have a raclette maker, a grill that easily melts slices of raclette.


The raclette is then eaten with accompaniments like bread, pickles, pickled onions, vegetables, olives or whatever you like to eat with cheese.


Raclette is a cheese from Switzerland that is heated and then scraped onto your plate.  There used to be a restaurant in NYC called Swizz where you could get raclette but it closed not too long ago.  So now I have raclette parties!

I got my raclette from Murray’s Cheese.  In addition to raclette, I got some other cheeses to try:  roncal, a Basque sheep’s milk cheese that is a bit gamier than manchego;


fiore Sardo, a smoked Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese;


castelrosso, a creamy cow’s milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy;


and mimolette, a French cow’s milk cheese that gets its flavor from mites.  (Yes, you read that correctly.)


All of the cheeses were delicious.  My favorite was the castelrosso.  I just love the creaminess of it.

We had wine from Falanghina grapes, a fruity ancient wine from the Campania region of Italy.  The one I got was Falangina “Sannio” Terra di Briganti from Astor Wines, from the Benevento province of Italy (the region where my father’s family is from).  It was a great wine to go with our cheese selection.  (Interesting historical tidbit–the Terra di Briganti winery is in Casalduni, Italy, and was the site of a peasant massacre in 1861.  Terra di Briganti means land of the brigands.)




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  1. Cool idea! Looks fun! 🙂

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