Russia Bans US Food and EU Fruit

Russia bans food from the United States and fruit from the European Union.  According to the article, Russia is the second largest importer of U.S. poultry.  Maybe Russia doesn’t want its chicken processed in China either?  While this sounds like a political move, I can’t say I blame Russia, as I don’t want most food that is mass-produced in the United States because of what’s in it.

3 responses to “Russia Bans US Food and EU Fruit

  1. Yeah I’ve heard this on today’s news and I find
    it kind of lame of Russia…. they are really making
    bad political decision, but hey that is just me. Xx

  2. They’ve banned food imports from Australia as well – I feel sorry for our farmers, particularly since this is a political decision. Strange times we’re living in currently hey?!

  3. But I’d still rather have food from the US over China! But our food system has lots of room for improvement.

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