The Crannoli

OK, so I have to get to Long Island to try Sweet Surrender Bake House’s crannoli.  The crannoli is a croissant doughnut with cannoli cream.  It is huge and looks delicious.  The crannoli is the result of a local radio challenge to Long Islanders to create a unique pastry like the cronut.  Like the cronut, the crannoli is a trademark.  In addition to crannoli, their jelly doughnuts look amazing.  They also have a black and white cake that looks fun too!


8 responses to “The Crannoli

  1. This sounds like a fun mission. I want to taste a crannoli too!

  2. Ummmm…this sounds insane. Ship one over the border to me?

  3. Oh my! Crannoli! Now I’ve heard ti all! Thanks for the introduction!

  4. Helen Kyrillidis

    Hi there…I’m one of the owners at Sweet Surrender Bake House “Home of the Crannoli™” Just wondering if you ever made it out here to try the crannoli and what you thought. We always have the original (with cannoli cream inside) and then we alternate a Specialty Flavor of the Month each month like Nutella, Jelly, Coconut, Cappuccino Mousse, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, etc.

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