July Love With Food Box

I got the July Love with Food box.  It has a lot of things I want to try.


I ate the golden lentils, and I love this high-protein snack.  I most look forward to the lentil crackers and the white cheddar Beanitos puffs.  There are also cookies, a marshmallow, a granola bar and fruit chews.



9 responses to “July Love With Food Box

  1. thanks for sharing your love with food box.. I’ve never heard of that before. definitely something i will be looking into!

  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing! Didn’t know there were food boxes

  3. Danielle | Krafted Koch

    I love the idea of getting a Food Box to try new things!

  4. Never heard of the Love With Food boxes until now. They sound fun. Do you get a designated box according to your likes? For example, a baking box, or do you just receive general items according to the season/month?

    I was a member of Foodie Penpals and loved that. However, when I joined it wasn’t well known here in the UK. A few months later, it was really popular, but on 2 occasions I was matched with bad apples. I sent my parcels out to my receiving match, but the people that were supposed to send parcels to me didn’t. I left because of that.

    • huntfortheverybest

      It is fun. The boxes have a theme each month, but you don’t get to choose. I like the surprise though!

    • huntfortheverybest

      Wow, Foodie Penpals is an interesting concept. That’s a shame that your pen pal didn’t honor it.

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