196 Flavors Contest Winner

Yes, that’s me.  I was one of the winners of a contest recently held by the food blog 196 Flavors.  196 Flavors has a great concept–to feature recipes from the 196 countries of the world.  The recipes also have stories pertaining to the recipe’s origin.  The blog is the only bilingual blog written in both English and French.  Its End of the World giveaway celebrated the 196th recipe on the site.  I won a fabulous gift basket of Italian and Mediterranean products from Bella Sun Luci. It included olive oil, pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato sauce and more in this gorgeous colander.  I also got some coupons for and recipes using Bella Sun Luci products.  I shared this lovely basket with my mother, who has been gravely ill, and it had just the right ingredients to brighten the spirits of a little old Italian lady.


196 Flavors is such an interesting site.  I’m very excited to see what it will feature in the future. I love learning about food and culture from different parts of the world.  And 196 Flavors leaves no stone unturned, showcasing rare and interesting recipes from countries that are often underrepresented in food blogs.


4 responses to “196 Flavors Contest Winner

  1. Wow Dina! We are so happy we were able to brighten the spirit of your mother! Very moving story

  2. littleboxbrownie

    Congratulations thats so cool, well done!!! I’m sure you will put the prize to good use and whip up an amazing recipe for your mama.

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