Two for Tuesday: Galbani

With all the Galbani commercials on TV, I had to try the products.  I found mozzarella at a lot of grocery stores but wasn’t for the longest time able to find the ricotta.  Finally, I did.  I like the fresh, creamy ciliegine, cherry-sized balls of mozzarella.  They are really nice added to a salad.

I’m not as happy with the ricotta as it has a sweet flavor that I don’t like in ricotta, and it also has added gums.  It’s made in the USA–not Italy.



7 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Galbani

  1. mmm ricotta! so good. I made canneloni with ricotta the other day. it was great !

  2. I haven’t tried ricotta before – I KNOW, crazy. Definitely need to!

    • huntfortheverybest

      Lasagna is probably the most popular Italian dish with ricotta in it. It’s also used in cannoli cream, so you may have had it already!

  3. I make my own ravioli at home, I bet the ricotta would balance out the savory well. And actually now I can’t think of whether most ricotta is sweet or not…

    • huntfortheverybest

      Hi Jessie, Most ricotta isn’t sweet but it’s a taste preference. I used this Galbani ricotta in a smoky white bean dip and it was very good with savory flavors.

  4. I love ricotta and mozzarella, but I don’t think we have Galbani in my neck of the woods. Not yet anyway!

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