Sweet Artisan Marshmallows

I wanted to write about Sweet Artisan Marshmallows while there’s still time to get some for Valentine’s Day.  Sweet Artisan Marshmallows is a marshmallow company owned by a mother and daughter team, Michele and Kelsey, based in Detroit, MI.  Their marshmallow flavors include classic ones like strawberry, vanilla and triple chocolate.  But there are also interesting flavors like moscato, vanilla java porter, hibiscus and tangerine and trendy flavors like maple bacon.

Michele sent me some marshmallows to try–triple chocolate, peppermint, strawberry and lemon, and I enjoyed them very much.


First, I love their size.


They are a bit smaller than your standard store-bought white marshmallow, which makes them the perfect size for topping a cup of hot chocolate or tea.


Second, they taste great.  I tried the triple chocolate and peppermint, and both were delish.  They are light and fluffy and don’t melt too fast.  Also, I worry about peppermint-flavored stuff, as it can sometimes taste like toothpaste.  But these peppermint marshmallows tasted great!

It looks as if they have a vegan/kosher/halal option and an option using honey for those with corn allergies.   I wish them success with their business and kudos to them for helping rebuild the Motor City!


2 responses to “Sweet Artisan Marshmallows

  1. I have never tried a artisan marshmallow but they look so tasty! The peppermint flavor sounds great – wish we had some close by 🙂

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