Two for Tuesday: Homemade Salty Snacks

I’m all about the trend of adding a bit of salt to sweet desserts and treats like salted chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  I decided to try a salted honey pie, so I found this salty honey pie from Joy the Baker.


This pie is still very sweet, and the small amount of salt just cuts the sweet a bit.  I like custard pies, so I really enjoyed this pie.

Next, I made the DIY Cheez-Its from Yahoo Food.  These were really fun to make.  They were a bit too salty; however, I used salted butter because that’s all I had.  With salted butter, you don’t know how much salt is in the butter, so it’s hard to judge how much salt to use in the crackers.  I would say, if you make these with salted butter, use less salt or don’t sprinkle salt on top.  Other than that, they are really good.  In fact, I had these on the counter, and it was hard to walk by without sneaking one.


9 responses to “Two for Tuesday: Homemade Salty Snacks

  1. Oooh! That pie looks amazing!

  2. I usually omit the salt in recipes…hehe. So, i am intrigued by this salty honey pie. It sure looks great! 🙂
    -Abeer @

  3. This is beautiful! Well done. 🙂

    I had my own kitchen disaster with my pecan pie, and am taking suggestions on what to do better the next time around. It’d be great to hear your tips!


  4. Your cheezits look so much better than mine! I tried a gluten free recipe a while back and they were soooo thick. Not the thin crispy cheez it I’m used to. I’m going to have to try these!

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