Breadmen’s is a diner that’s a local favorite in Chapel Hill, NC, serving classic American food.  It’s also a family favorite in my family.  While I’m not an onion ring fan, my family says Breadmen’s makes the best.


At a recent visit, I opted for an egg-white omelet.  It came with Southern breakfast classics–a biscuit and grits.


We also got French toast


a mushroom and cheddar omelet


and a cheesesteak sandwich


10 responses to “Breadmen’s

  1. mmm . . . I have been craving an omelet forever!

  2. All of these dishes look delicious! I’ll take some of those onion rings please 🙂

  3. Classic food like this is always a favorite, everything looks so delicious!

  4. Food looks so good! I actually went to college at Chapel Hill for 2 years but it’s been years since I’ve been back. Must make the time to visit soon!

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